Tutorial – How to Paint The Interior of Your House

Painting Interior – Painting the interior of your house can be a very daunting task.   But with patience, some guidance, and a bit of patience and expertise, anyone can take on the task themselves if they are motivated and enthusiastic.


How to paint your own house interior

1) Move any furniture before house interior painting:

The first thing you do when painting interior of your house or apartment is to be careful with any furniture or belongings.  You can do this a few ways.   The first thing is to move the furniture around the room depending on what you are painting.   A good rule of thumb is to move the furniture in sections or piles so you don’t stumble or step on it or break anything.  It is very common to move all the furniture to the middle of the room before painting interior of your house.  This gives you plenty of space to paint the interior walls, trim, and doors while staying clear of any furniture.

2) Protect all belongings :


You then have to protect the floors, furniture etc with drop sheets and plastic.   For the floors, sometimes it is just as well to tape plastic to the entire floor if there is hardwood and the room is empty.   However that isn’t always practical so sometimes cloth drop sheets are good enough.  Plastic is always good to put in the furniture.   If you are painting interior for a client, this attention to detail also shows the client that you respect their belongings and are conscientious as well.

3) Surface Preparation before painting interior:

The surface preparation is the first part of the house interior painting.   Preparing the walls can vary depending on the condition.   But generally it requires scanning the walls for holes, bumps, cracks etc.   You can fix these by filling with filler or polyfilla.  A common product to use when you need the filler to dry fast is CGC Sheetrock 20.  Trim as well can be caulked or filled depending on the condition as well.
Once the interior walls are filled, you want to sand them with a fine sand paper.

Next stage before the final step of house interior painting is priming.  If the walls were previously primed and painted then you just need to spot prime those areas you filled and caulked.

There are many primers to use.  But latex primers are the most common.   If there are crayons or magic marker due to kids writing on the wall a stain blocker will work better than a normal latex primer.  If you are dealing with smoke and nicotine stain, then an odorless oil based primer will work best.   Smoke stain can be the worst to cover so to keep you from doing multiple coats this will save you some time.

4) Paint the interior:


This is usually the fun part of the job.  Usually you edge in the corners and edge around all the frames, windows first with a brush.  Once that is done, with a roller and tray you can roll the big areas of the wall.   Usually 2 coats are done on most walls, sometimes 3 depending on if there is a dramatic colour change as well.  Some paint brands cover better than others.  Also, the quality of the paint is important as well.

After all, many paint manufacturers have different quality of paints for painting interior, depending on the circumstance.   I usually find Behr, Benjamin Moore, ICI Glidden, and Para all carry good lines of paint to choose from.   Preference is more the rule here as some painters prefer some brands to others.   So there is no hard and fast rule here.  Just do your own research and choose the brand and quality you feel most comfortable with.

Among all house interior painting activities, ceilings are a bit more difficult to paint since the entire room usually needs to be covered.   Also it requires stepladders and sometimes extension ladders for taller areas.   Some areas are harder to reach also especially if you are dealing with a tall hallway.   When in doubt, call a professional house interior painter for the ceilings since it’s not worth it to get injured if you are not used to heights.   You can also make a mess of the house/furniture if they are not protected properly with plastic and cloth drop sheets.

Painting Interior Doors and Trim can be difficult also.   Since trim in particular is usually all brush work.  Brushwork requires the most amount of expertise since it requires the ability to cut hard straight lines.  Also, brushwork takes a lot longer than rolling as well.  So requires more patience besides expertise.   Again, if you are unsure, then hire a professional painter paint the interior or just to do the trim work since there is nothing worse on a paint job than sloppy edges and messy trim work.

Don’t forget to read or blog about Interior Wall Painting Techniques before you start painting your house interior.

5) Clean up after painting interior

The Clean up process requires vacuuming all debris and dust.   Also, discarding of all garbage, plastic drop sheets, materials etc.   Then of course, moving back all the furniture.

In summary:

Painting house interior can be a very fun process if one takes the necessary steps to insure a good job from start to finish.   It can also be rewarding as well.  Feel free to call me for a free house interior painting consultation.  On the other hand, feel free to contact me for any questions as well.  I would be happy to assist you and tell you what to do as I’m a very passionate person about the painting and I love my job.   So besides doing a job for you, I’d be more than happy to at least give you the knowledge to do it yourself since I know you will be beautifying your house interior.

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