The Most Common Mistakes Made When Choosing Paint Colours For Your House

Common mistakes when picking paint colours – Are you ever confused when trying to choose colours for your home improvement project?  You are not alone.  Did you know that 80% of homeowners make mistakes when choosing their paint colours?   That is, they pick the wrong shades, or they paint the wrong colours in the wrong rooms, or they just completely pick the wrong paint colours altogether.  Unfortunately, this results in regretting painting in the first place, having wasted their time and money.


Mistakes while Choosing Paint Colours For Interior Painting:

  • Picking colours in florescent light at the paint store
  • Choosing paint colours as the focal point, rather than complementary to the furnishings/room
  • Picking colours that have the wrong hues in them
  • Not considering lighting depending on the particular room you want to paint.
  • Not considering which side the house the room is facing (ie. North and East facing rooms always get less sunlight than west and south facing rooms)
  • Considering paint colours on only from personal preference, forgetting to pick colours that will look good in the room.
  • Not choosing the right paint finishes for the right rooms
  • Choosing paint colors throughout the house that don’t complement each other
  • Picking the right colours but putting them in the wrong room. Choosing paint color for a bedroom is totally different from choosing paint color for bathroom.


Mistakes while Choosing Paint Colours For Exterior Painting:

  • Not considering their neighbours when choosing paint colours
  • Letting their eaves and soffits dictate which colours they choose
  • Not knowing if they want a more modern/contemporary look, or if they want a more classic, traditional look
  • Not considering their landscaping when choosing an exterior paint colour
  • Picking the wrong hues.  Natural light makes a HUGE influence on which colours to pick.
  • Picking paint colours inside the house/paint store versus outside in daylight
  • Not considering the direction the front of their house is facing
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But how do you avoid this dilemma when choosing paint colours?

At Home Painters Toronto, we are colour experts.  We will guarantee you get your paint colours right, the first time.   We will even recommend colours if you are confused and are in total need of a professional decorators opinion.   Having painted thousands of homes in Toronto and the GTA, we know the mistakes that have been made by homeowners in the past.   Why spend hundreds and thousands of dollars when you are going to paint the wrong colours?

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