Exterior Painting – Common Paint Problems

Common Paint Problems – Painting the exterior of your home can be far more taxing job than painting inside.   Furthermore, Toronto weather in particular, is fairly unpredictable which can make being a DIY painter that much more challenging.

It’s Tough Painting Outside – Top Causes of Exterior Paint Failure:

Exterior Painting is more time consuming, requires more preparation, bad weather is always an obstacle, and can be extremely dangerous due to the heights involved and may drive your job to exterior paint failure.   To futher compound this, your exterior paint job also has to endure all kinds of durability issues which makes preparation and proper materials used that much more important.


If you’re not prepared and educated on how to properly apply exterior paint, your hard-earned cash and time could turn into nothing more than a mess of blisters, cracks, and flakes and so exterior paint failure!


The Most Common Exterior Paint Failures and their causes.

  • Peeling Paint: Painting over old paint, moisture, and poor preparation are the main causes of peeling paint on wood. Usually, it happens because the surfaces are not properly cleaned of dirt, dust, and grease that can accumulate over the years leading to this type of exterior paint failure.
  • Blistering Paint: Exterior paint blisters happen when water vapor is trapped by exterior paint. As it tries to escape, it bubbles the surface. This can also happen when painting the exterior of your house in excessive heat. You need to make sure all surfaces are completely dry and that the weather is ideal for painting.
  • Chalking Paint: When your painted surface has a powdery residue as you wipe your fingers across it, you’ve got chalking paint. This exterior paint failure happens when there’s a chemical breakdown in the paint and is usually caused by poor priming and overly thinned-out paint.
  • Cracking: There are many causes of cracking or flaking. Low-quality paints are one culprit because they generally don’t adhere well and are less flexible. Also spreading your exterior paint too thinly and poor surface preparation, especially on bare wood, will lead to cracks. If you’re using latex paint, cold and windy conditions can cause the exterior paint to dry too fast causing it to flake.
  • Rusty Nails: When you paint over old non-galvanized nails, eventually they will rust and bleed through to the surface and can be a reason for your home exterior paint failure. Old nails need to be removed where possible. Otherwise, you need to countersink the nailheads, fill them in properly and spot prime each nail to prevent this from ruining your paint.
  • Mildew: Using low-quality paints with inadequate amounts of mildewcide and failing to prime bare wood are the main causes of mildew. Also if you paint over areas where mildew is already present, you can be sure it’s going to come back. Certain areas of the exterior of your home are more prone to moisture, so you need to identify these trouble spots, properly clean them and ensure the paint you use can withstand the elements to prevent mildew paint.

Other Exterior Paint Problems and Solutions

While exterior paint failure is an expensive mistake, it can always be fixed. However, personal injuries while painting are often not so forgiving.

Did you know that falls from ladders have increased by 40% over the last decade and are the leading cause of DIY painting injuries and death? The exterior of your home is full of high and difficult areas to reach.   So it’s your responsibility to decide if you’re properly prepared and equipped to handle the exterior painting job.


Sometimes it just makes sense – and cents – to hire a professional painter.

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