Choose Bedroom Paint Colours Just like the Pros

There really is no right or wrong way to pick the color to paint your bedroom. In the end, it really is all up to you.


But therein lies the problem. Too often we hear the horror stories: Someone picks their “favorite” paint color and applies it everywhere, only to find it too bright or too dark as it clashes with the furniture, the trim, and the floors or carpet. At that point your only recourse is to cover up all the money you just spent with more money and paint.

Some tips the professionals use to help homeowners arrive at that perfect bedroom paint color

1. Look at what’s in your room. Think about what bedroom paint colors will match your bed, floor, dressers and any other dominant pieces of furniture you have.

2. In general, neutral and warm colors work best because they create a relaxing atmosphere. You might love to wear bright red color for bedroom, but staring at it every night as you relax and try to sleep isn’t usually the best idea.

3. If you like bright bedroom paint colors you can use them as accents and on trim to bring depth to the bedroom.

4. Consider multiple colours. In our Canadian House & Home project, we painted the bottom half one colour and the top another. This created depth and made the paint a physical part of the room. With a trained eye you can do much more with paint than just changing a room’s colour.

5. Try before you buy. Get samples and paint large swatches or squares on the bedroom wall. Look at them throughout the day as the lighting changes as that can really reveal a colors true character. Also being able to spend time with a colour in your bedroom will give you a better idea if it is exactly what you want.

6. Size matters. A small bedroom can benefit from lighter shades to make it seem bigger and open, whereas a larger bedroom can be made cozier with brighter and rich colours.

7. Don’t forget that fifth wall. The ceiling is a great opportunity to use a different color from the bedroom walls. Soft shades like white and yellow can make a bedroom appear much more open. If you have high ceilings, darker colors can create a more enclosed setting.

some Food for thought

With all the paint colour options out there today and designer tricks being used, paint really does much more than changing the color of a bedroom. Our Canadian House & Home project is a perfect example how paint can become a “physical “part of a room. You can see what we did HERE.

In the end you just have to experiment and take the time to test different colors and combinations. It’s not going to be easy – that’s why interior designers get paid the big bucks – but with research, patience, and planning, you too can transform a bedroom just like the pros.

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