Kitchen Week: Special Considerations

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

So you’ve decided to repaint your kitchen?  Congratulations. Kitchen painting is a great way to bring life back to your home.  However, painting your kitchen has some unique challenges as well.


Here are some things to take into consideration when painting your kitchen.

1) Plan to not use your kitchen for a few days

While most times, painting your kitchen does not interfere with its use, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can lead to unexpected downtime. It is wise if you have medications that must be refrigerated, or if you have a special diet that you prepare alternate arrangements for eating and storipainting-with-hand-brushng foods.

There may be times in the painting process where appliances may be moved or blocked and may not be accessible.

2)  Plan your WHOLE kitchen reno at once

Sometimes, when doing a home renovation project you come across projects you know need to be done.  You want to think economically and do the projects as you can afford them.  However, the biggest mistake homeowners make when renovating is not keeping the big picture in mind.

Choosing a mood or a theme for your kitchen and sticking to that plan will allow your room to have coherency. Do not forget to keep in mind that the kitchen is part of your whole house

3) Use a fully licensed painter and construction contractor

While it is possible to do much of the work for painting your kitchen on your own, we highly recommend using an expert painters or painting contractors in Toronto. Aside from having high quality workmanship that will last you for years, professional painters are fully trained to deal with any unexpected issues that may come up.

We also recommend working with expert painters who are paid by project basis rather than hourly. High quality painters who are fully licensed and insured with a company on a project basis give their best possible work with no worries about the amount of time they are taking.  This means that your project will be completed on budget and on time.

4) Choose the right paint

Kitchens (along with bathrooms) require special consideration when you are painting because of the varying temperatures that exist  day-to-day. It is necessary to have surfaces that can be wiped clean. Particular types of paint are best for these rooms.
Choose a paint that will be easy to clean: Start with a coat of whatever colour you want to use (white or a lighter colour is preferable for kitchens)
• Use a semi-gloss or satin type paint that will be easy to wipe.


Home Painters Toronto TIP:

Choose the mood of your kitchen carefully

When painting your kitchen, it’s important to plan exactly what you want it to look and feel like. Thinking back to your favorite places to eat, what features stood out to you? Was it the lighting? Did they use your favorite color? Did the layout just “go”?

Using Pinterest, find kitchens that give you a similar feeling and pick the features that work best with your appliances and the rest of your home.  For more suggestions for kitchen paint colours or improvement ideas, [email protected]

Keep in mind while painting, your kitchen is the most used room in your home.  Do things right the first time to minimize costs and kitchen’s downtime.


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