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School and Daycare Painting During the March Break

Looking for a fun and easy project to brighten up your school or daycare during March Break? Try painting murals for walls!

School and Daycare Center Mural Design

Murals are a great choice for schools, daycares, even kids’ bedrooms. Check this out! We worked with the charity The Sunshine Foundation to transform this room. Murals can add vibrancy and much-needed colour to the day-to-day activities of educational institutions. Murals can tell a story, show school pride, or celebrate diversity.


Turning a boring blank preschool or school wall into a work of art just needs a bit of planning and preparing. Here are some tips from us here at Home Painters for painting a mural in your Toronto school this March break.

Pre-School and Daycare Painting Ideas

  • Make a sketch of the design with different variations. Come up with something on your own, brainstorm with your class or group, or get everyone to contribute.
  • Murals don’t have to obey the laws of depth perception or scale. You can start big and finish small.
  • Murals painting give a different experience than paintings. Try a narrative scene, or a wide landscape.
  • Look at artworks for examples if you finding an inspirations proves troublesome.
  • Give the school officials or parents an explanation of the images and ideas being used.

school wall paintingPreparing the School Wall for Murals

  • Prepare the school wall for painting. You need to figure out what material the wall is made of, because that will change what kind of primer you need. Is it cinderblock? Drywall? Plaster? Has it been painted before?
  • Place a tarp or dropcloth under the work surface to protect the floor. An old sheet works well – but make sure it isn’t one you like very much!
  • Use rags or sponges to clean the wall. Remove all bits of dust, crayons, dirt, etc.
  • Make sure the wall is wallpaper-free. Be sure that there is no mold or damp anywhere on the school walls.
  • Pour white primer in a painting tray – check out our blog article on choosing the right tools for a painting project.
  • Apply the primer evenly over the entire wall. Let it dry completely.
  • Two coats of primer could be needed. This depends on how dark the wall underneath is.

DayCare PaintingDraw the Mural on Daycare Walls

  • Directly draw the mural design on the wall, to scale. Use something light like chalk or a pencil. If there is an overhead projector in your school or daycare, use it to project the image onto the wall and trace it.
  • Use your sketch as a guide. Do not freestyle the painting – what looks good close-up might not look great from across the room.
  • Step back from the wall to view. This gives you the full imagery of how the drawing looks on the daycare wall, and lets you see any spots you need to fix.
  • Once you’re happy with your outline, you’re ready to paint the Mural on daycare or school wall!

Painting Daycare and School Walls

  • Mix your paint in the right amounts. You don’t want to waste paint by getting gallons of red for one flower, and you don’t want to run out of blue for a sky.
  • Pour the paint into a clean container with a wide enough neck to dip a paintbrush in.
  • Make sure the paint is mixed well. Too thick and it won’t dry. Too thin and it will run down the walls.
  • Use the right kind and size of brushes to get the right effect. Paint rollers can cover large areas, but smaller angled brushes can provide details of eyes and noses.
  • Let any area dry completely before you try to paint over it again.
  • Keep all the unused paint – just in case.
  • Your school or daycare mural painting is done!


If you want the stunning impact of  murals in your home, nursery, daycare, or school hallway, but you don’t have the time (or artistic design talent) to finish it yourself, consider calling Home Painters Toronto!

We specialize in Toronto interior and exterior painting would love to assist you in your school mural painting this March Break. We can work around your schedule and make sure that your break really is a break.

Give us a call at 416 494 9095 or send an email to Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com to get your free daycare painting or school mural painting estimate.

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