Nursery Paint Colour Ideas For Expectant Parents

How do I go about picking a nursery paint colour?  We hear this question a lot from new parents in Toronto who come to us for their home painting and nursery paint colour needs. We have lots of great ideas for painting baby nurseries to help you get started!

The most common questions we’re regularly asked is how much colour should you put in a nursery? Will it be too bright? Will the colour be stimulating enough or even too stimulating for a baby’s room? What about painting a nursery mural and artwork for the nursery? What about painting ideas for boys or girls? Choosing the right colour for painting a baby’s nursery takes planning. It is one of the most emotional interior painting decisions that people make for their Toronto homes and we love to help people with lots of ideas along the way!

Many parents think that the new baby’s gender is the deciding factor for baby room designs, but there are other points to consider when thinking of nursery paint colours.

Newborns can’t distinguish colours easily, but as the baby grows older, colour will be an important part of their world. You have to choose colours for a nursery room based not only on your own personality, but what is best for you and your baby. For example, it’s good to pick soothing paint colours as it can help the baby sleep.

Here are some trendy nursery painting ideas for you to consider:

The obvious nursery paint colours to choose

  • Traditionally baby’s rooms were painted blue for boys and pink for girls, Home Painters Toronto always keeps up with current interior painting trends. Gender-neutral paint colours for nurseries are becoming the most popular choice.
  • Go for greens, yellows, creams, and light purples, if you’re not sure.
  • But don‘t be afraid to use pink in a boy’s room or blue in a girl’s room. Who knows which they will like better? 


Atmosphere of the baby room

  • What type of atmosphere do you have in your house overall?
  • What type of atmosphere do you want for the baby’s room? Plan your colour choice for the nursery paint colour accordingly. We have some hints below that may help.
  • Is the neighbourhood busy? Is your baby room private from the rest of the house?
  • The nursery might be located in an area that doesn’t get enough sunlight. Pick a yellow colour to give the room a little more brightness.


Make the nursery paint colour complementary to the rest of your interior painting

  • Take note of the other colours in the hallway and rooms that are close to the nursery. Try to pick complementary colours for painting a nursery.
  • For example, all the surrounding rooms might be all white. Leave the nursery white but paint the trim using accent colours.
  • For a decor with deep hues and accent pastels, try using the pastel colours for nursery painting.


Furniture and baby room decorations

  • Consider any furniture you are using or buying for the nursery or any decorations you want to use. Maybe the quilt from a dear relative will be hung up or tossed on a chair. You want to make sure it isn’t going to clash with the wall underneath it.
  • If the furniture is of a bright colour, pick a more delicate colour for the nursery room walls. This prevents the kids room from looking too crowded.
  • If the nursery has white furniture, select bright colours for the walls. Then the room won’t look so pale or washed out.


Think about themes for a nursery

  • Most parents decorate their nursery around a particular storybook or character. You might want to pick a baby nursery theme around a character from children’s literature or film.
  • For example, a lot of people pick Winnie-the-Pooh for their nursery. Select colours that go show Pooh’s bright yellow fur or Piglet’s soft pink features.
  • Nature is a great choice: flowers, stars, moons, and bugs are all common nursery room themes.
  • Animals are visually interesting and fun for kids too. From the jungle, zoo, or circus, who doesn’t want to talk about the elephant in the room?


And finally, some Home Painters Toronto hints for picking nursery paint colours:

  • Pastel purples, like lavenders and lilacs, are more calming for nursery paint colours.
  • Green is a peaceful colour for baby’s rooms. It’s good for homes in busy and packed neighborhoods in Toronto and the GTA.
  • Girls are supposed to love the colour pink, but pink is also very calming, especially with kids that often have tantrums or more difficult moments.
  • Use grey carefully in a nursery. It promotes thought and emotion, but also sadness and loneliness. Pair it with brighter colours.
  • Use black with lots of caution. Be sure to use it in a room with big windows and a lot of natural lighting.

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