3 Fun and Easy Projects To Do With Your Kids On March Break

March Break is just around the corner and you don’t need to be a professional painting contractor to have a little painting fun with your kids in Toronto. Looking for some cool crafts to do with the kids at home? These three fun and easy painting projects will keep your kids occupied – and might just spruce up your house a bit too!

Do it Yourself Panting Projects for March Break in Toronto

March break House painting projects

1) Painted Garden Markers

march break Painted craftHave an itchy green thumb?

I know that Toronto in March can still be pretty cold, but there’s no reason you can’t get excited for spring with some do-it-yourself garden markers. Besides, why should your house’s interior get all the fun?

Using wooden spoons or some garden rocks as their easel, your kids can paint an image of whatever it is you plan to grow in your garden. Whether it’s cucumber, basil plants, or a patch of daffodils, your kids will love transforming an ordinary spoon or stone into a beautiful piece of artwork. Add a label with paint or sharpie, and just wait for that snow to melt.

2) New Design with Cereal Box Organizer

painted cereal box organizerThis craft is so incredibly easy, and is something you will definitely use. All you need to do is cut the top flaps off of a cereal box and then cut or fold the sides of that cereal box to your desired size. (I’d suggest getting an adult to do the cutting if you’re working with particularly young kids). Then, let your kid’s creativity run wild!

They can paint the box however they like, with whatever colours, in whichever style.

I use my cereal box organizers for storing mail, flyers, takeout menus, or any other loose bits of paper left lying around the house. You can use these organizers for just about anything though: as magazine holders, plastic wrap and aluminum foil organizers, or storage for your Tupperware lids.

3) Mailbox Painting

MailBox Painting in March BreakIt’s a small feature, but the tiny details are often what makes a house a home. Change up the look of your mailbox by giving it a fresh coat of paint and adding on some fun accents.

Stencils are great for those of us not wanting to trust in our freehand abilities. And, stencils are easy for kids to paint over, without a sloppy finish. Or you can use painting or masking tape to create cool designs and funky patterns.

Want a more personal touch? Your kids will love getting their hands messy for a unique handprint design.


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