The Best Time For Painting The Outside Of A House

What's the best time for painting the outside of a house?

The Best Time For Painting The Outside Of A House

Giving your home a beautiful new paint job is like getting yourself a new outfit! Your home can benefit from this so much, and you’ll have everyone else in your neighbourhood wishing that they painted their house too! But when is the best time for painting the outside of a house? When painting the outside of a house you need to consider the temperature and whether you are repainting or painting over brick. Read on to discover tips that will help you know when [not] to paint outside!

1. What is the Best Temperature for Painting the Outside of a House?

  • In Toronto the best timePainting the outside of your house requires it to be warm and dry. to paint or repaint the outside of a house is in the spring. This is because the weather isn’t so hot that you’ll get sunstroke or the paint will dry too quickly, which will result in an uneven application. The sun’s rays aren’t too strong in the spring, and you’ll get your house painted just in time for the summer when you’re sure to have other things you enjoy doing!



2. What If I Am Painting Over Brick?

  • Painting over brick can Painting over brick can be tedious work, so a helping hand always helps!
    be time-consuming and a hassle, so doing this job in the early morning in the spring (like we suggested) will keep you from overworking yourself. Painting over brick requires a good pressure washing, bleach cleaning, and a latex primer before you even get to paint it. Always consider your safety and health before you take on any task that requires harder labour!

With these tips above, you should have a good idea of the best time for painting the outside of a house. While spring is a few months behind, think about how badly you want this job done. Sometimes the best time is now! It doesn’t matter if you are going to be painting over brick or even repainting the outside of a house, it’s better not to put it off. If you want to  really take advantage of the months before winter let Home Painters Toronto handle it! We’ll take the labour off your hands and do it for you!

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