5 Mistakes Made By Commercial Building Owners and Managers When Painting Their Facilities


5 Mistakes Made By Commercial Building Owners and Managers When Painting Their Facilities

When painting a condo or townhouse many commercial building owners and managers are liable to make mistakes, with 5 standing out as the most common. Picking cost over quality or using the wrong type of paint for the interior are just two of the common mistakes made. We address these errors one at a time so that when the time comes for you to make these same decisions you can use your better judgement for any upcoming moves, renovations, or upgrades.

mistakescommercial_1Mistake 1. They Choose Cost Over Quality

  • When buying almost anything you’re faced with the tough decision of buying a cheaper, lower quality product or a higher quality one that will cost a little more. When it comes to townhouses the building owner/manager’s goal is usually just painting over the previous tenants’ tacky green walls. They just want it to look good enough for the next tenant to consider moving there. The cost may seem nice, but they’re not going to be purchasing a paint that will look good or last long.

Mistake 2. They Choose The Wrong Type Of Paint

  • When you’re out grocery shopping what do you tend to find? An almost unlimited number of flavours and brands to choose from. That’s typically the same experience when it comes to choosing paint. There are so many varieties of colours, types (latex, acrylic, etc.), brands, and more. If you choose a paint with residual oils it could turn a different colour in weeks depending on what the ceiling surface is like.
  • If they are painting over a surface with pre-existing gloss, a good rule of thumb to remember is that oils/alkyds can be painted over with other oils/alykds and latex/acrylic paints can likewise be painted over with other latex/acrylic paints.
  • Most commercial building owners/managers don’t think to check what type of paint was last used. A good way to know for sure is by pouring a bit of acetone on the wall and rubbing it with a rag. If the paint comes off onto the rag then you have an acrylic or latex paint underlying.

Mistake 3. They Don’t Cover The Floors When They Paintmistakescommercial_2

  • This is something that even the most amateur painters usually remember, but is still forgotten. There exist “dryfall” paint products that are for ceilings specifically. Most commercial building owners/managers will use this type of paint because, if it drips, it turns into dust on the floor below. They don’t see the point in covering up the floor because it’s easy to sweep away afterwards, right? Wrong. When pressed down on, the dust can soak into the floor and will leave white marks. This is very hard to clean up and takes a lot of scrubbing.

Mistake 4. They Don’t Move Items Around

  • This is something that needs to be avoided for safety as well, and should always be practiced when painting anywhere. Without pieces of furniture and other belongings to trip over the painters can move around freely without worry of damaging their customers’ possessions or hurting themselves.

Mistake 5. They Underestimate How Long The Job Will Take

  • mistakescommercial_3How often have you planned to meet a friend for dinner at a certain time, only to find yourself stuck deep in Toronto’s rush hour? Well, commercial building owners and managers often make this mistake too when they estimate how long a paint job will take.
  • There’s much more to a paint job than just painting the walls, you’ll also have to patch, clean, sand, and prime them before you actually get to even opening up a can of paint.

All 5 of these mistakes made by commercial building owners and managers can be avoided by carefully considering the above mistakes and recognizing the scope of the job as a whole. If you think these mistakes are too much to deal with you should call Home Painters Toronto, because we know how to get the job done right the first time! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or email Brian at Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com.

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