How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House Exterior in Canada?

Trying to figure out exterior house painting costs in Canada can be a bit of a challenge if you are not sure what to look for. Painting your house exterior is a great idea for improving curb appeal, maintaining your home, and making you house proud. It’s nice to come home and feel good about your home, instead of cringing at some of the cracks, peeling paint, and clutter. So, when budgeting for exterior house painting costs, consider some of the following factors for price.

Exterior House Painting Cost Per Square Foot

You might find it frustrating when you receive an estimate that is by the square foot and within a range. It is hard to give a fully accurate estimate until every possible expense can be evaluated. Often, websites will give an average range for costs, with low being best average and high being worst average. This will help you determine a preliminary idea of how much it might cost to paint the exterior of your home. Prices will vary from province to province but expect to pay between $1.50-$4.50/square foot.

The estimate will include a final amount, which will be broken down to highlight the cost per square foot. You might be shocked at the larger amount, but when it is broken down, it helps you better understand what needs to be done on a home your size. Most homes in Canada were averaging just under 2000 square feet in 2010. Depending on your location, homes will be much larger than that by today’s standards.

When doing online research, it is important to make sure that the companies you are researching or prices you are seeing posted are Canadian. A great site to find reputable contractors is Homestars. It is important to hire a reputable painting contractor to ensure that the work that is being done is quality. There are several questions you can ask when you are interviewing potential painters. Most importantly, you want to make sure they have been in business long enough to be able to provide references and/or have a reasonable portfolio of past work on their website.

Variables in Exterior House Painting Costs

There are several factors that can affect the cost to paint the exterior of your home. Here are some to consider when preparing your budget:

  1. Size of your house. Obviously, the larger the home, the more paint needed.
  2. Materials needed. This will include rentals, painting supplies, primer, ladders, etc.
  3. Preparation work required. See below for clean-up and preparation details.
  4. Season – fall is the best time of year for painting the exterior of your home. The optimal temperature is between 10-25 degrees Celsius – which in Canada, can be anytime from September to December!
  5. Type and colour of paint, as well as the quality. A glossy finish is usually more expensive, as well as a colour that will require multiple coats. High quality paint will last longer, look better, and cost more.
  6. If you are going lighter than the previous paint job, extra primer will be required.
  7. The shape of your roof – high peaks or intricate architectural features (bargeboard).
  8. Windows and trim.
  9. A cheap painting contractor who didn’t do the best job on your home, so now you have to do it again!

You may be able to save yourself some cash if you talk to the painting contractor ahead of time to make arrangements to undertake some of the preparation work yourself. Removing clutter and washing the exterior can be a big help and reduce the amount of work the painter will have to do.

Average Exterior House Painting Costs

When looking at an average estimate for the cost of painting your home’s exterior, you can expect to pay $2000-$3000. This would involve:

  1. Clean-up
  2. Two stories
  3. Approx. 2500 sq. ft
  4. Modern style home

If you are in an older style home, the cost can go as high as $5000. Minimal clean-up will help ease the cost, but if there is a lot of clean-up and preparation to be done, you can count on spending $2500-$5000 to paint the exterior of your home.

Clean-up involves:

  1. Cleaning the surface of your siding by pressure washing with TSP or a mildewcide, plus rinsing
  2. Repairing any surface flaws, fixing any loose siding or replacing any damaged ones, plus sanding and cleaning again
  3. Removing old or damaged caulking and re-caulking
  4. Repairing and puttying windows
  5. Laying out cloths and covering garden beds, items that can’t be removed, etc.
  6. Priming the siding before painting

When it comes to exterior house painting costs, it is better to be prepared and hire a reputable painting contractor so that you have a paint job that is done well and will last.

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