With every season comes new paint colours that are popular with homeowners. Painting companies, designers and those involved in home furnishings love to pick top colours each and every year. After all, exterior paint has a big impact on a home and on style.

Consumers often look for the top exterior paint colours when selecting a colour for the outside of their home. After all, they want their home to feel fresh and new, rather than outdated. The colour of your house has a big impact on the overall curb appeal of your home. This is why designers and homeowners go to such great efforts to pick the right colour for the outside of their home.

While looking at the list of top colours for 2020, keep in mind the style of your home, as well as the overall character of your neighborhood. Exterior style and colour often represents a time and place. Neighbourhoods also tend to have a style and colour palette. You will want to decide how much you want your home to fit in or stand out.

The Right Exterior Paint Colour Can Increase The Worth Of Your Home 

The colour of your home can actually affect how much it could sell for. The USA real estate portal, Zillow, studied over 32,000 real estate sales to determine which exterior paint colours could affect the sale price of a home.

If you are looking to sell soon, you might want to paint your house greige as a shade that is between light grey and beige, can sell for almost $1500 more than similar homes painted different colours. Tan and brown homes can adversely affect the price of a home.

Whether greige is a top exterior colour for 2020 or not, if you’re planning to paint and then sell, go greige!

Top Exterior Paint Colours 2020 – Siding & Stucco

In the Moment By Behr

This is Behr’s 2020 top colour pick. It’s a versatile blue-grey-green colour that can look good inside or outside. Give your home a coastal, refreshing feel by using it as your main colour outside.

Deep Onyx by Glidden

Black is back. Today’s new homes are taking on a very contemporary look. While most will shy away from black as the main colour for their siding or stucco, this top colour will give your home a rich, contemporary look. Deep Onyx is a top pick colour for 2020.

Neutral Ground by Sherwin Williams

Speaking of greige, this is a great greige right here. It’s not too light and not too dark. It’s just right really! 

Top Exterior Paint Colours – Trim

Distant Gray by Benjamin Moore

Use this colour as a trim and pair it against a light or dark backdrop. That’s how versatile it is.

In the Moment By Behr

As a trim colour, this top pick for 2020 would look beautiful against a white, grey or even yellow painted home.

Deep Onyx by Glidden

This beautiful black looks amazing as an exterior trim. It is beautiful with grey, white, yellow, blue and beige homes.

Home Painters Canada Brush
Home Painters Canada Brush

Top Exterior Paint Colours – Front Door

Your front door is one of the first things people will notice about your house. By freshening things up and doing some front door painting, it can also really add to the curb appeal. Make a great first impression by painting it one of 2020’s top colours!

Caliente by Benjamin Moore

This is a bright, fun red that makes the perfect front door.

Oceanside by Sherwin Williams

It’s a dark turquoise that is reminiscent of days spent oceanside. This beautiful rich colour really stands out on shutters and front doors.

In the Moment By Behr

This is how versatile this colour really is. It’s a top pick for front doors!

Deep Onyx by Glidde

A black door adds an element of style to your home. This is the perfect black for 2020.

Ultra Violet by Pantone

A purple front door? How fun! Ultra Violet brings an element of fun and whimsy to your curb appeal.

If you’re looking to paint your home in a top exterior colour for 2020, give Home Painters Toronto a call. Not only do we have colour consultants on hand for complimentary colour consultations, we have experience painting all these shades. We have been in business for over 2020, so if you’re going to hire out your exterior home painting, trust the experienced professionals.

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