Colour Theory – Popular Colours Of The Year

popular Colours Of The Year

Every year there are lists released which reveal the top or most popular colours of the year. These top picks come from paint manufacturers, colour experts as well as the top designing hubs. It’s actually really exciting to see how things change year to year and just how exactly these new popular colours are being used in different living spaces. What was trendy and in style last year might be considered passe this year!

Some of the top colours of note for 2020:

Pantone Classic Blue is a timeless and enduring deep blue shade that offers hints of teal. It’s suggestive of the sky at dusk and offers feelings of tranquility and peace while still remaining strong and confident.

Image From Pantone

Benjamin Moore’s First Light is a beautiful soft pink that works as just a nice wash of light rosiness. It’s very light and airy as the pink rests subtly and flatters any space with its simplicity and delicate nature.

Image From Benjamin Moore

Behr’s Red Pepper is in the top trending colours of the season as it exists in that fine line between a deep red and strong burgundy. It’s strong and makes a statement, but it’s still warm to the eyes.

Image From Behr

Glidden’s Spring Thaw is a nice light neutral gray that picks up hints of blue depending on the light and space. Individuals have used this as an all-over neutral room colour as well as on ceilings too.

Sherwin Williams’ Naval is a rich navy blue that works to be bold and confident while still maintaining that sense of stillness and calm. This navy is empowering and gives a slight nod to the Art Deco influences of the early 1900’s.

Image From Sherwin Williams

Dulux’s Tranquil Dawn is a soft and serene cool-tone green that possesses the irreverence of nature and a lush landscape while still connecting to the human soul.

Image From Dulux

Kendall Charcoal is trending this season as deep and luxurious charcoals are all the rage. This one is dark and rich, but still works as a versatile neutral. It could even work as an ideal trim colour for a cream or off-white room.

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