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Best Paint Colour For Bathrooms

Best paint colour for bathrooms

Did you know that you spend approximately 2200 hours of your entire life in the bathroom? We won’t get into the details of what people do in there, but that is a good portion of your life! Don’t you want to spend that time in a bathroom that inspires you? That’s exactly why choosing the best paint colours for bathrooms in your house is so vital.

If you’re totally undecided on how to pick the best bathroom colours, we’re here to help! Whether you want to go for something bold or more subdued, there is a bathroom colour out there for you. Plus, we wanted to offer up a little advice in terms of the best paint for bathroom ceilings too. Let’s dig right in and help you find your colour!

How do you want your bathroom to make you feel? 

For a lot of people, the bathroom works as their very own relaxing and peaceful sanctuary. It’s the place where they get ready each morning and also where they come to ready themselves for sleep. What your bathroom looks and feels like overall can have a huge impact on your day.

This is where you want to stop and think about the best bathroom colours that will work for you. Do you have a beautiful bathtub and want that to be the relaxing focal point? It may be best to think calm and neutral. Maybe your bathroom is a room where you want to play up brass fixtures or cool tile? You might want to think bolder! Add in some drama with your bathroom paint colours. If you stop to think about the best bathroom colours for you personalized, it can open up a whole new world.

Best paint colours for bathrooms: calm colours

If you’re looking to bring in some calm colours to your bathroom, we have a few nice options for you. Firstly, nothing says calm quite like a beautiful powder blue. Polar Ice works as a nice cool powder blue that’s relaxing and completely serene to take in.

Another one to be on the lookout for in terms of calm colours for your bathroom is Pistachio. A lot of people think of the earth when they think of light greens. This colour is tranquil, but still possesses a bit of flavour.

Another calming choice for bathroom colours is a light pink. Very on trend this season, First Light is such a soft and airy pink. This light pink would look so lovely with white tiles and gold accents in a bathroom.

best paint for bathroom ceiling 

One thing that might be causing you some worry in terms of paint colours for bathrooms and products to use, is ceiling paint. It’s always important to use paint that is going to hold up against moisture, humidity and water. After all, we’re using the bath or shower however many times a day — all depending on the size of your family! But your bathroom ceiling can experience quite a lot of wear and tear.

Our expert recommendation that Home Painters Toronto uses on so many bathroom ceilings is Benjamin Moore’s Kitchen and Bath paint. The paint applies smoothly and easily and offers up great durability. Most importantly though, for the best paint for bathroom ceilings, it’s mildew resistant. Even under extremely humid conditions, it holds up really well.

Best paint colour for bathrooms: neutrals

It really depends on your overall aesthetic and style, but sometimes neutrals are the best way to go in a bathroom. Neutral colours always go so nicely with white cabinets as well as sinks or bathtubs. Plus, there’s just a clean and fresh feeling that they offer up.

Tan is a popular colour this season for bathrooms. Palm Desert Tan is a gorgeous choice because it’s rich and earthy. Tan could bring your bathroom just the right amount of warmth.

Another one of the best bathroom colours to go with is a nice greige. In case you aren’t aware, that is the technical term for a colour that rests somewhere in between gray and beige! Revere Pewter is a great example of that hue. It’s a light gray with warm undertones that will ground you the minute you step into your bathroom.

If modern is more your vibe, gray is an inspired choice for a bathroom colour. San Antonio Gray is a popular choice because it’s not too dark and not too light. It rests somewhere in the middle and will fold easily into any bathroom decor style.

best bathroom colours: go bold! 

Did you know that the bathroom is the perfect room to go bold? That’s right. Since your bathroom is usually a lot smaller in space, it never really hurts to try and make a big impact! Of course, that impact can be made in terms of paint colours for bathrooms and what you choose.

If you want to go bold with bathroom colours, mustard is a cool option! It can bring a certain zing to a space while still maintaining a welcoming nature. Mustard Seed is the perfect blending of earthy and distinct.

Hunter green is another strong choice for bathroom colours. It possesses this deep purity that almost wraps you up in its coziness. Hunter green also looks extraordinary with gold features, like sink fixtures or cabinet handles.

Deep navy colours that remind you of the deepest parts of the sea are huge this season. Marine Blue is described as a deep blackened navy and it just brings that added drama to a space. Plus, a deep navy such as this works with various cabinet colours, white or various woods too.

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