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What is the best paint for dark rooms? 

Almost all of us have a space like this in our homes — a dark room where very little or no natural light gets in. Stepping into those dark rooms can almost feel dreary if you don’t have the right paint colour in them. It can be a bit of a task trying to figure out what the best paint for dark rooms might be.

This is exactly where we’re happy to step in and help you assess things! Sometimes it’s not the best idea to go stark white in a dark space. And sometimes it’s also not a great idea to go super dark. It’s all really unique to your situation. So, without further adieu, let’s dig right into what is the best paint for dark rooms!

Why white is not always the best choice… 

One thing that homeowners might automatically think of when trying to brighten a dark room is the colour white. White can be a great interior paint colour as it reflects natural light very nicely. But when it comes to paint for dark rooms where there is limited natural light, it can often have the opposite effect.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to paint for dark rooms is to not go too stark or too dark. It’s good to steer towards pops of vibrant colours or neutrals that rest in that colour world somewhere in between.

Paint for dark rooms: Lavender 

One colour that has been proven to work well for low-light rooms is lavender. Lavender is also a fun colour to use in your bathroom as well if you’re looking to really make an impression.

But what’s really nice about it is the range. It can be nice and soothing with those barely there tints that are light and lovely. Or you can make it more sophisticated and go for a lavender with more gray in it. If it’s for a dark room for one of your kids, you can also choose a brighter lavender like Purple Hyacinth.

Or you could try powder blue 

Powder blue is a nice more traditional option when it comes to paint for dark rooms. This type of blue brings a timeless look to even the most poorly lit rooms. It works well in a powder room or even a small office space or bedroom.

Greenhow Blue is a beautiful example of a powder blue. The other thing to remember about using this interior paint colour to lighten a space is that it looks amazing against white features, like cabinets.

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Your dark room could use some yellow 

This one might be an obvious choice for a lot of people since yellow is the colour of the sun! The colour yellow has this super ability to brighten even the darkest of rooms. Yellow has the ability to feel like warm sunlight streaming through your windows. Which makes it a brilliant choice in terms of paint for dark rooms.

It’s also nice that you can choose to go for a light yellow that’s soft and buttery. Or you also have the option to go a bit brighter too. Warriors Yellow can liven up a dull space and is a great sunshiny option for paint for dark rooms!

Light pink could brighten things

If you want to give a darker space in your house a bit of personality, a soft light pink could be the way to go. It’s best to not go too bright, like towards a deep fushia or watermelon, because they tend to overwhelm lowly lit spaces.

First Light is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a light pink that won’t overwhelm the senses. It’s described as soft and airy and we’d have to agree that it’s exactly that!

If you’re still confused as to what paint for dark rooms might look good, a nice neutral could be the way to go. Not only are grays like Sterling completely modern, but they also work to spruce up sun deprived spaces.

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We hope we’ve helped to narrow down some options for paint for dark rooms. If you need a little extra inspiration, feel free to visit our Pinterest page too!

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