Want your deck to look brand new? Professional painters can make that happen for you! While deck painting cost can differ, with the proper equipment and preparation, your deck can be the talk of the town! For deck painting to work best, you need to clean off all the debris and if you have any boards that need to change, it would definitely need a quick touch-up.

Then, you will need to apply the paint in an even manner and make sure it dries without cracking or bubbling. Lastly, after inspecting the painting and deck staining process, the painting companies would review their work.

If there are any last minute touch-ups to do, that would get done as well.

In its totality, getting professional help from a painting company is worth it because of their due diligence and their goal to give you a great looking home.

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Cost Of Deck Painting

Deck staining is a little more inexpensive than deck painting. This is because staining is between $20 to roughly $35 per gallon. Exterior paint though, on the other hand, is from $30 to as much as $65 per gallon. Deck painting cost can differ, due to the size of the deck and its overall quality. If you keep up the maintenance of your deck, it can be 90% cheaper, than if you were to completely change your deck. Deck staining at Home Painters Toronto starts at $1495,

before after deck painting by professional painters in toronto, deck staining toronto,

but depending on the size and repairs, it could go up to $5000 to $6000.

If by chance you need paint stripping prior to the staining, it would most likely go over $5000 because of the extra work involved. With that being said, taking care of little issues right away can always save you money in the long run.

Why You Should Paint Your Deck

To improve the exterior of your house and your curb appeal, small steps can achieve that. Do you see peeling or cracking on your deck? On your fence? If so, getting a paint company to look at these problems for you, will go a long way to improving the look of your exterior.

Especially when it comes to big exterior jobs and you feel a little out of your league, it’s totally fine to get some professional help. In the end, it’s all about satisfaction and with some help, that will be achieved.

Deck Stains

Deck stains, deck staining toronto

Before you purchase a stain for your deck, it is important to know which stain people are using frequently. Experts say that Cabot Australian Timber Oil is the best overall stain deck. This is because it defends from mildew and water, while bringing out your wood’s beauty. It is an oil-based stain and is available in various colors for any wood decks. In addition, it is easy to apply and makes your deck look very attractive. You can use an oil sprayer or a paint brush.

deck quality is important, Deck painting by professional painters in toronto, deck staining toronto

Deck Quality Is Important

The longevity of your deck is quite important. Toronto has distinct seasons, so protecting your home is key. Normal wear and tear due to inclement weather is a given, but that doesn’t mean that your deck should suffer. With the right protective paints, you can make sure that external factors do not further damage your deck.

What do professional painters think? Spring is definitely the best time to paint your deck and any other exterior projects you have in mind.

before and after deck paint colors, Deck painting by professional painters in toronto, deck staining toronto

Summer is a really busy time for painting contractors, so if your deck is painted before that time, your annual BBQ parties will be a hit. A quality deck is what every homeowner wants, and with the right tools and preparation, your deck will look amazing.

We Can Do Deck Painting For You!

At Home Painters Toronto, our main goal is to satisfy you, the homeowner!

We will help you pick the colours you want, show you the latest painting and home renovation trends, so that you feel satisfied by the outcome.

Deck painting by professional painters in toronto, deck staining toronto,

We use multiple products that everyone loves, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, and many more! With 30 years of experience and many happy clients to show for it, call us now for the ultimate satisfaction at 416-494-9095.

We would be happy to provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote and answer all your inquiries about deck painting cost.

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