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2023 has been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least! The global pandemic has rewarded homeowners with valuable time to work on their homes. The 2024 paint colour trends show us what’s resonating with people right now. And that’s mostly calming colours as well as earth tones. And of course, there are a few surprises in there as well. The 2024 paint colour trends have surprisingly gone from very bold colours to calming colours. So, let’s dig right into the trends for interior paint colours for 2024!

Paint Colour Trends 2024

Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year – Aegean Teal 2136-40

Aegean Teal
Image Retrieved From Benjamin Moore

If there’s one thing we can fully appreciate for Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year picks for 2024, it sure does bring those “soothing” and “balanced” vibes. Aegean Teal is the name and once you see this trending paint colour, you really can’t help but see the perfect blending of blue and green. There’s also something almost muted and quiet about Aegean Teal though as well. As Benjamin Moore describes, it is an “intriguing mid-tone that creates natural harmony”. We can see this Benjamin Moore Colour Of The Year in living rooms, bedrooms and powder rooms everywhere next year!

Interior paint colour trends: Sherwin Williams Colour of the year 2024 Urbane Bronze

Urban Bronze

Speaking of looking for serenity and a sense of grounding, Sherwin Williams is right there with their pick for Colour Of The Year for 2024 with Urbane Bronze. Described as possessing a sense of “warmth” which breathes “comfort” as well as a “down-to-earth tranquillity”, it’s an incredible neutral interior paint colour as well. If you’re looking for a deep brown that cradles the realm between bronze and almost a dark mossy green, this is your interior paint colour trend to add to your life this year. We can envision this interior paint colour in living rooms, and dining rooms and it would even look so modern and unique on kitchen cupboards too!

2024 Interior Paint Colour Trends

Trending Paint Colours: Dulux’s 2024 Colour of theYear, Brave Ground

We’re bringing things back towards the earth and everything that makes us feel good in 2024 for interior paint colour trends. That’s why the paint colour experts at Dulux have chosen Brave Ground as their 2024 colour of the year. It’s a warm and earthy beige that almost looks like a greige in some lights. Overall though, this neutral paint colour trend pick looks great with brighter colours as well as lighter ones. It even works in kitchens and dining rooms with natural wood. This interior paint colour trend can be made as minimal as you’d like it while still allowing a space to feel comfortable, cozy and safe. Which is exactly what we’re looking for right now!

Other Interior Paint Colour Trends for 2024

Some other trending paint colours you’ll find going into 2024 are golds. Check out Cellini Gold for a nice gold tone that’s not too dark. If you’re really into the idea of gold in terms of interior paint colour trends for 2024, Saffron Strands is another pick. This interior paint colour is slightly more bold and saturated.

Lighter blues are also a part of the interior paint colour trends for 2024. Check out Dayflower from Behr if you want a beautiful light blue with hints of teal. Moreover, if you want something a little deeper, Jean Jacket Blue is another cool interior paint colour choice. It would work nicely in a bedroom, powder room or living room.

Thinking back to how we were talking about earth tones, harmony and simplicity, greens are back this 2024 season too. Silver Leaf from Dulux is a sophisticated pect pops of boldness as well in the 2024 interior paint colour trends!

Finally, Preference Red from is an example of a vibrant jewel tone in a rich wine colour that has caught everyone’s eye.

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Exterior House Color Trends 2024

As we peer ahead into 2024, the colour palette for exteriors is veering in a fresh direction, dictated by shifts in architectural styles, nuanced lifestyle preferences, and an overarching focus on context and harmony. The colour trends of 2024 are set to invigorate our exteriors, providing a fresh perspective while enhancing curb appeal. Here are the key exterior house colour trends for 2024:

Nature-inspired Neutrals

The year 2024 celebrates colours that blend seamlessly with natural surroundings. Shades of sage, warm beige, and soft greys are coming to the fore. These timeless hues create a serene facade, perfectly integrated with the landscape surrounding it. The addition of matte finishes gives these colours a down-to-earth, organic feel.

Dawning of Dusk Blue

Blue has consistently been a favourite for exteriors, but 2024 sees the rise of dusk blue — a hue that captures the magical quality of the twilight sky. This elegant and somewhat moody shade stands out without being too loud, creating homes that are both inviting and memorable.

Embrace the Warmth of Terracotta

The resurgence of earth tones continues in 2024, with terracotta leading the way. This vibrant, warm hue resonates with energy and welcoming warmth. Infused with a rustic charm, terracotta works beautifully on a variety of architectural styles, particularly those with a Mediterranean or Southwestern flair.

Monochromatic Elegance

Maintaining its popularity through 2024, the monochromatic trend is a designer favourite. Now, however, expect to see a move toward warmer monochromatic shades. Think latte browns, creamy whites and even soft peach, all in varying tones, to create a harmonious yet intriguing facade.

Revitalizing Green

Amid growing global consciousness about environmental sustainability, green emerges as a popular choice in 2024. From soothing sage to the darker tones of forest green, these hues connect a home with its natural surroundings while making a statement of environmental appreciation.

Dark Drama

The bold trend of painting exteriors in dark hues continues in 2024. Shades like charcoal black, deep navy and dark chocolate brown are trendy choices for their distinctive ability to highlight architectural features and give a modern twist to any exterior.

Exterior colour trends of 2024 offer a rich palette ranging from nature-inspired neutrals and earth tones to more dramatic hues. These trends encourage individuality, reflect advancements in paint technology, and resonate with the broader architectural and design movements of the times. Whether you choose to go with a timeless classic or make a bold statement, the outcome should reflect your personality and enhance the architectural style of your home.

Wrapping Up

As we journey ahead into 2024, it’s clear that home design—both inside and out—continues to evolve in exciting and meaningful ways. From the revival of earthy tones to the sophistication of monochromatic, there’s a colour trend to fit every aesthetic preference, lifestyle, and architectural design.

Embracing these trends not only influences our living spaces but, more importantly, allows us to express our unique personalities and styles. After all, whether we’re choosing colours for our interiors or exteriors, the ultimate aim should always be to create spaces where we feel at home, connected, and inspired.

Stay tuned for the latest updates, ideas, and inspiration in home design. Finding the right theme and colour scheme for your home can be a journey, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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