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Sometimes you look around your room and can’t quite pinpoint what it is that needs a refresh… and then you look up! That’s exactly when you notice that the paint on your ceiling has become yellowed and dingy. Or maybe there’s some repairs to make along the way or even popcorn ceiling removal. Whatever the case may be, we wanted to provide you with the best interior ceiling paint that you should use. If you want to learn more, keep reading!

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Reasons why you should paint your ceiling

There are many reasons why giving your ceiling a much needed refresh can truly make a difference in your space. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. New ceiling paint makes space appear larger. If you really want to open things up in your house and you’re stumped on how to do it, paint your ceiling. Fresh ceiling paint can really do wonders to the height and dimensions of your space. It’s a great little trick for the eye.
  2. You can highlight them and make them an accent feature with a different colour. Gone are the days when ceilings are just painted white or cream. It’s really on trend right now to highlight your ceiling and make it feature that stands out. Feel free to be creative and colourful!
  3. They’re basically the 5th wall. Ceilings can often be forgotten in terms of interior design. Even though you might not notice them right away, they are like the 5th wall in your room. Your eye does eventually focus in on them eventually. So, it’s best to keep them in good shape and allow them to shine in their own unique way!
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The Best Interior Ceiling Paint 

As usual, it really makes a difference when doing interior painting to go with the best interior house paint on the market. After all, you want it to last a number of years. One of the best interior ceiling paints out there is Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint. It works exceptionally well to hide any flaws, it’s low VOC and offers the flattest finish Benjamin Moore has to offer. It’s really important to find a good paint for ceilings that hides imperfections because they can often be highlighted if you use the wrong paint or finish.

Another quality paint for ceiling is Eminence High Performance from Sherwin Williams. This is a great easy one-coat coverage ceiling paint that’s also self-priming at the same time. It also works to hide imperfections and block out fresh stains from forming. Also, be sure to check out Dulux Rolls On Pink Ceiling Paint. This one is quite unique because as the name suggests, it rolls on pink and dries bright white 30 – 60 minutes after application. If you find yourself having a hard time painting the ceiling and scoping out where you’ve missed, this is a great option.

What do you use in the bathroom? 

Since bathrooms are just a breeding ground for moisture and mildew, it’s very important to use the right ceiling paint in there. Our professional painters always recommend using an interior house paint that’s specially made for bathrooms. We recommend Waterborne Ceiling Paint as it will help to fight mildew and high moisture. And if you really want to protect your bathroom walls in the same manner, consider Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa Paint. It’s a paint and primer together that was specially designed to protect rooms that are high-humidity.

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