How do I go about picking a nursery paint colour?  We hear this question a lot from new parents in Toronto who come to us for their home painting and nursery paint colour needs. We have lots of great ideas for painting baby nurseries to help you get started!

The most common questions we’re regularly asked is how much colour should you put in a nursery? Will it be too bright? Will the colour be stimulating enough or even too stimulating for a baby’s room? What about painting a nursery mural and artwork for the nursery? What about painting ideas for boys or girls? Choosing the right colour for painting a baby’s nursery takes planning. It is one of the most emotional interior painting decisions that people make for their Toronto homes and we love to help people with lots of ideas along the way!

Should you go with the obvious nursery paint colours?

Traditionally baby’s rooms were painted blue for boys and pink for girls, Home Painters Toronto always keeps up with current interior painting trends. Gender-neutral paint colours for nurseries are becoming the most popular choice. We suggest going for greens, yellows, creams, and light purples, if you’re not sure. Riverdale Green is a great choice if you want something not too overpowering yet pretty. And might we suggest Yellow Lillies for a nice gender neutral and mellow interior painting colour for a baby’s room. Or maybe cream is more in line of what you’re going for. Check out Rich Cream, which works as a nice neutral. If you’re considering a light purple, Purple Cream is exactly how it sounds — soft, creamy and sweet!

The traditional choices for the baby’s room 

But don‘t be afraid to use pink in a boy’s room or blue in a girl’s room though, if that’s what you’re feeling. After all, this is supposed to be fun! First Light is a beautiful option for a light and airy pink that’s not too pink — if you know what we mean! Yarmouth Blue is a lovely choice for a blue if you want something a bit more of an understated blue. If you want pink that’s a little more punched up, check out Pensacola Pink. Also, if lighter blues are your thing, check out Blue Veil. It would create such a warm and cozy oasis for your baby to enjoy!

Maybe you want to go with wallpaper for the baby’s room

One thing you might be seeing a lot in terms of nursery paint colours in 2021 is wallpaper being put up in a baby’s room. This is really a fun idea because again, you can go totally neutral and play up different accents with furniture and accessories. One thing you may want to consider when picking out your wallpaper for the nursery is a PVC-free material that has non-toxic ink.

If you’re wondering which way you should go with your wallpaper installation, there are so many different options. Firstly, you could create just an accent wall with your wallpaper. It often looks really great on the wall where you’re going to put the crib as it creates a focus. Also, don’t be afraid to use wallpaper that’s a print or a floral or striped even. It can create such a modern and fun look for a nursery. Nurseries certainly don’t look as they did in the 1980’s! Modern nurseries can be a lot more creative and fun. Which, all in all, creates a great atmosphere for your baby.

Furniture and baby room decorations

When thinking about furniture and decor for the baby’s room, it can be helpful to think about the kinds of items that your child will grow with. For example, get them a decent sized dresser neutral dresser that they will be able to use for years. Check out the Hemnes Ikea Dresser for a nice white dresser with lots of storage and drawers.

Also, if you want to go completely simple and clean with your interior painting in the nursery and want to add pops of colour, insert some print art. Prints are a great way to add in fun accent colours! Or you could even create a fun gallery wall and include newborn and family photos. If you want to learn how to make a gallery wall, visit this blog here.

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