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Using a Broader Spectrum of Colors for House Painting

Using a Broader Spectrum of Colors for House Painting

Using a Broader Spectrum of Colors for House Painting

A house’s paint job is an important part of house construction or renovation. Normally, the painting is part of a construction’s last phase. Usually, however, most homeowners stick to a colour plan that is one to three colours for a whole house. Some use specific colours for certain rooms and use the paint to denote certain functions.

However, choosing your colour palette is much more difficult than it sounds. The bigger and more complex your repainting project is, the more complicated it is likely to be. Without coordination, it may look like an uncoordinated mess.

Using A Broader Spectrum of Colours

Whatever the case may be, it starts with your design ideas. However, those ideas should be refined for better aesthetic appeal. Here are some tips for choosing the right colours:

1. Combining Colours

You can customize most residential painting jobs. You’re free to combine different paint colours and mixes for your new home, renovation, or newly added structures.

Painting in two separate colours for walls and ceilings can help create separated spaces inside a room. You can either use “analogous” combinations or monochromatic colours here. A lighter mix resulting from two main colours can also warm up or make the room more relaxing using single colours.

Parts of the wall, floor space, ceiling, and panels in between can also affect a colour combination. The tricky part is finding the best combination of colours. You can match them as a group for a single room or as part of the house’s overall look. If you cant decide which group of colours to use, you can check the numerous colour combinations out there that can.

2. Choosing a Theme

If your renovated property has a theme or specific look, choose suitable colour combinations best work with that theme. These colour choices may lighten up the rooms or lessen their contrast. Some rooms may not necessarily be used as living spaces and may require darker colours or extra layers of paint.

3. Fixing and Redoing a New Layer

Some commercial painting companies can help with restoring walls and redoing paint to specific colours. If there has been a new layer for some time, it can be stripped to host a new colour. This will also help improve the surface quality as well.

When it comes to issues with wallpaper, others will choose to keep those in good condition to preserve the room, while others can paint over it to keep the texture but change the overall colour or colour combination. Other creative combinations can be placed on it, but most will still prefer to replace them with a new coat or a new wallpaper.

You can use more than just one style or combination of paint and colours in the same home, property, or even a room. It’s all up to you. But to better assist your art direction, try to choose specific colour combinations that are suitable. We highly recommend premade swatch combinations used by home painters and colour artists.

As for home painting services, we at Home Painters Toronto are your best bet for Residential painting and renovation services. We have over 30 years in the industry. Give us a call on 416-494-9095 to set up an appointment.

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