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Frequently asked questions when it comes to brick staining

brick staining vs brick painting, is brick staining waterproof?
what is the difference between brick staining and brick painting, exterior brick staining cost

what’s the difference between brick staining and painting? 

Brick staining is actually better for the health of the bricks themselves as the stain allows them to breathe. If you go with brick stain, it rarely fades over time as the stain basically becomes a part of the brick. Brick stain doesn’t simply cover the brick like a paint does, but it fully adheres and becomes a permanent fixture.

Brick stain works to stop water from absorbing as well, so there’s a real longevity to it. Not to mention the prevention of cracking and peeling, which can occur with painting brick over the years.

Before and after of a brick stain home, from a red brick to modern dark gray colour, made by Home Painters toronto painting company
Before and after of a brick staining project home, from a dessert tan to modern gray colour brick stain by Toronto painting company Toronto painters

People are often unsure if they can even stain their bricks or they ask themselves if it’s the right way to go for their home. 

If your bricks have not been painted or stained before, you can 100% stain your bricks! If you’re unsure, simply do the quick water splash test. If the brick absorbs the water, it can be stained. If the water does not absorb and beads down the wall, it cannot be stained. 

Not only does brick staining work to maintain the original aesthetics of the home and architecture, but it’s healthier for the brick itself, more cost effective in the long run and can last upwards of 15 years! 

brick staining project brown to charcoal brick stain by Toronto painting company Home Painters Toronto
Before and after of a brick stain home, two tones near the garage door, from a dessert tan to modern gray colour, brick staining by Toronto painting company Home Painters Toronto
Beautiful classic canadian home with a brick stain job in blue gray colour, white window frames and dark gray roof, done by home painters toronto Toronto painting company

How much does it cost to have painters paint your house? 

Brick staining instead of painting brick does cost more upfront, but due to the longevity the need for very little maintenance over the years, it’s the more cost effective option for homeowners.

For the material, a gallon of brick stain ranges from $60-$80 per gallon. One gallon of brick stain can cover about 200-300 square feet. To hire a professional painting company, like Home Painters Toronto, it can range anywhere from $2500 to $12,000 for brick stain and labor. It all depends on the size and height of your home. A lot of people also ask, how long does it take a painter to paint a house, especially when doing brick staining. Again, it depends on the size of your home, but it will likely be finished within a week! 

what kind of colours are available for brick staining? 

There are so many colours to choose from when it comes to brick stain! If you’re thinking of stain, one thing to consider is whether you should go semi-transparent or solid. Generally, if you’re happy with the look of your bricks and you want to change the hue, go with a semi-transparent brick stain. By going with semi-transparent, you’re keeping the integrity of the brick, but just changing the colour.

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. We can go from light to dark with the stain or even the opposite. We also offer special brick stain matching to your original bricks! 

Brick staining before and after from brick red to dark gray close up of bricks
Before and after of a brick stained home, from a red brick to modern dark gray colour, donee by Home Painters toronto Toronto painting company
Awesome Before and after of a brick stained home, from a red brick to modern dark gray colour, done by Toronto painting company Home Painters toronto
exterior brick staining project, from brown brick to grey brick stain, done by Toronto painting company Home Painters Toronto
before and after picture of Brick staining project in toronto from red brick to charcoal gray, modern brick facade done by Home Painters Toronto Toronto painting company
Before and after of a brick staining home, from a red brick to modern dark gray colour, made by Toronto painting company Home Painters toronto

What to do now that you are ready to paint your Exterior Brick:



Firstly, give us a call or e-mail for a free quote on your exterior brick staining! 

Our brick staining expert will arrive on-site to give you an assessment and a detailed estimate, featuring everything you want repaired and restored.



The job will get booked and we’ll set up an ideal starting date.

On the first day, we will do a brief walk-through to ensure we’re on the same page.

From there, we’ll get started with the brick staining! You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.



Once we have finished the job, we’ll clean up any messes and ensure the site is left spotless!

Then, we’ll do a final walk-through with you to make sure you are completely happy with the job before we consider it complete!

If you’re not around, we will call, text or email to set up a proper time for the final walk-through. We are not satisfied until you’re fully satisfied!



Nonetheless, we don’t process your final payment until you tell us that you’re completely happy with our work. To prove that we are 100% confident in our ability to take care of you, we offer a 15-year warranty on all brick staining services!


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The Ultimate Premium Brick Staining 

Are you on the lookout for something extra special and unique when it comes to brick staining? If you’re looking to match up your stain to previously existing walls, this is certainly a less expensive option than replacing a whole wall! We offer the ultimate premium of brick staining. Completely specialized and not for the faint of heart, our seasoned brick staining experts are capable of completing even the trickiest of brick staining jobs. This option does work out to be two times the price in most cases, but you will be astonished with the results!

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