Why paint your home?  Here are some reasons why homeowners consider painting as one of the top priorities when either moving into a new home, selling their current home, or just want to pursue a home improvement project.


 Top Reasons to Paint the Inside or outside of your Home

Increase the value of your home

Even if you are not buying or selling your home, paint freshens your house, makes it look better, makes you feel better about you home, and can increase the value of your home up to 20%.

Home painting is a cost effective way to spice up your life

Are you tired of the same old paint colours?   Painting is one of the most cost effective ways to add some life, character, and variety when faced with living a home.  Its also much less hassle than having to move to a new house!


Promotes good hygiene and cleanliness

Not only can paint make your house look better, but it also kills any mold/bacteria on the walls.  Certain paints are made for just those purposes.  Interior paint colors also minimizes dust and grime that tends to accumulate on walls, trims, and surfaces over time.

Outside Painting Cleans and protects surfaces

In both inside and outside.  For outside painting, sun UV rays and rain are the 2 biggest killers of outside paint surfaces.  Outdoor paints for house protect these areas and make them look more up to date.  For inside painting, its necessary to clean up scuffs, damages, wear and tear, and as mentioned earlier bacteria and mold.  Paint will clean and protect these surfaces.

Inside Painting, A Cost effective Makeover


Can’t afford to renovate?  Home renos can cost up to 100’s of thousands of dollars.   Outside or inside  Painting is one of the cost effective ways to makeover your house, clean things up, and add a completely new feeling and dimension to your most valued asset.

Gives you good reasons to entertain

Want an excuse to have friends and family over? Inside painting is one of the easiest ways to invite friends and family.   It can create a new mood.  It can make you feel more comfortable and cozy. Home exterior painting is fun and can make life more enjoyable for everyone!

Painting Your Home makes you feel better!

Picking the right paint colors and freshening up the house is one of the best ways to simply make you feel better about your house.  After all, you spend over 50-80% of your life indoors and outside in your yard.   Why not feel better during those times?

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