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Why should I use Home Painters over other Toronto painting contractors?

There are plenty of reasons why we’re the top-rated painting contractor in the Greater Toronto Area. Please visit this page Why Home Painters Toronto for more information.

Is there a warranty on paint jobs completed by Home Painters?

Yes! Our exterior jobs are guaranteed with a two-year warranty. This includes most areas, excepting surfaces that see high traffic such as deck floors where wear and tear is normal and natural.

We also offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our interior jobs in the case of paint quality failure.

Is Home Painters covered by the Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)? Do you have liability insurance?

Yes! We are covered by WSIB and have $5,000,000 in liability insurance. This covers our staff in the event of an injury on the job and both you and our team should any accidents occur. It is important that all painting companies and contractors have both of these coverages if you want to ensure complete protection while they work on your property.

How experienced are your crew members?

Our staff is comprised primarily of full-time painters that have been working in the industry for several years; most have been painting for at least five years in Canada. We do not hire part-time helpers or students.

Additionally, we consistently and continually train our staff with our cutting edge, award-winning painting methods and we always stay up-to-date on the newest products and services.

How soon after I call will I get a quote?

We are the fastest painters in the industry when it comes to both response and execution. This means we are open seven days a week and offer ‘same-day’ quotes upon request when you are in a rush to get things moving.

If you are not in a rush, we typically send our painting experts out to see you within 1-2 business days or whenever it is convenient for you.

How soon can you schedule my project once I decide I want you to complete it?

How quickly we can get started depends on the type of project and the time of year. We can typically book you in our schedule within one week once you give us the go-ahead. Of course, if you’re in a hurry, just let us know when you call us for a quote.

We pride ourselves on speed and can schedule your project within one to two business days if necessary, depending on the scope details.

How long does it take for a typical paint job to be completed?

Depending on the size of your home, exterior jobs generally take one to four days, weather permitting. Similarly, interior jobs take between one to five days depending on the size and scope of the house.

In both cases, jobs are always started and finished in consecutive days. We don’t take a day off until the project is completed, unless it is due to unforeseen circumstances, such as: weather conditions, other contractors working and occupying the space, or a request by the homeowner to delay the project. If this is ever the case, then we will tell you as soon as we realize your project will be delayed and the reason why.

We also offer one and two-day painting services upon request. This is possible as we employ over 50 painters. We never want to sacrifice the quality of our work for speed, however. If we realize that it will take longer than the originally estimated time to give your home the look it deserves, we will tell you up front rather than rushing to simply “complete” the job

Do you offer colour consultations?

Absolutely! We offer free colour consultations with professional colour and paint experts. We have plenty of knowledge and experience in this area as we have painted thousands of homes and have worked with several different brands, including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and BEHR.

We’ve also had the privilege of working with several stagers and some of the top names in the business, including Breakfast Television, Holmes on Homes, The Marilyn Denis Show, and Custom Built with Paul Lafrance. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. Colour is our area of expertise and it is our goal to make colour selection a simplified and fun process for you!

How is your pricing compared to your competitors?

I’ll admit that we aren’t typically the cheapest painting company in town. But, we are certainly competitively priced when compared to other reliable contractors in the area. Our mission is to deliver a top-quality job and unbeatable customer service at a reasonable price.

Having painted more than 15,000 houses over the past 30 years, our pricing is relatively comparable with most of the top painters in Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

Do you have payment installment plans?

Home Painters has the most flexible payment plans in the industry, including “no fee” credit card payment options and interest-fee installment plans spanning anywhere from one month to one year.

As long as you have communicated your desire for an installment plan prior to booking the contract, we will be more than happy to work with you on a schedule that suits your needs.

What happens if I’m dissatisfied by the work completed by Home Painters?

Don’t worry – we are here to help! At Home Painters, we aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied! We take pride in our work and aim to deliver the highest quality paint job. We only proceed with a job once the contract has been explained thoroughly and has been agreed upon by both parties. If, for some reason, we’ve made a mistake or an issue comes up with the paint quality, we will do everything we can to resolve the issue within the confines of the contract.

Brian Young - Home Painters Toronto

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Hello and welcome!

I’m both deeply honoured and flattered you are considering using our services.

Since 1987 when I was at York University simply earning my way through school, I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with thousands of amazing homeowners like yourself.

Besides the birth of my daughter, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a homeowner’s life change when we have transformed their dream home into a masterpiece. For that reason, we take our jobs very seriously and are committed to our cause.

At Home Painters our mission is to paint homeowners’ dreams, and make your painting experience last a lifetime!
I look forward to hopefully meeting you one day, as it brings me tremendous joy to make homeowner’s dreams come true.



We Value and Guarantee Your Privacy.