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A hot tip for how to sell your home fast: always have your professional painters give your exterior front door a nice refresh! In terms of curb appeal, it’s one of the first things people notice when they drive up to your home. A freshly painted front door can make all the difference in the world when you’re preparing your home for sale! 

If you want to go all out and need something a bit more niche, such as wallpaper removal or popcorn ceiling removal, we offer expert home painting services for those specialty services as well.

Easy Tips For How Staging Works & The Top Concerns When Preparing Your Home For Sale

Putting your house on the market and preparing your home for sale can be such a stressful time. Once the process really gets going, you don’t have a lot of time to make sure your home is in tip-top shape! 

There is such a time crunch

There is usually such a time crunch involved when you’re preparing your home for sale. That’s why finding the right professional fast painters is so crucial! Once you make that very important phone call, most people find that they have just 2 – 4 weeks before you have to have your house ready to show. In that time, your real estate agent will want to get your home staged to the very best of its ability in order to pull off a quick sale that’s above asking price.

How staging works

In that crucial staging process usually comes some much needed interior painting. When you’re hiring home painting services to come in and help with staging your home, you want to be sure that they are fast painters who can come in as quickly and cleanly as possible. They can really help things come into order when you’re thinking about the best home improvements for resale. With all that in mind, it’s important that the interior painting services you choose have open availability to complete your painting work quickly.


Budgeting, especially for something as substantial as preparing your home for sale as well as moving, is always a concern as well when it comes to choosing the right residential house painting services. We fully understand that a lot of your budget will likely be going into your checklist for moving into a new home.

Interior Painting Home Blue Painter with roller by Home Painters Toronto

So, how do I prepare my home for sale?

With that said, our expert house painters are fully aware that you want to go ahead with interior painting services that will get you the best bang for your buck and help you sell your home fast! We work with the top professional stagers in the industry and have picked up some trusted tips over the years. We know all about how staging works and how to spruce up your home with interior painting. It’s important to remember, especially in terms of budgeting, that you really don’t have to go through the trouble of painting every single room in your house for the best staging.

Interior Painting Livingroom White Empty livingroom with Clean White Paint and New Flooring

What should I do to my house before I sell it?

We’ll be sure our interior house painters come in and do an expert and quality job on the larger areas of your home, like the main floor and front entryway. After all, you want to be sure to truly knock their socks off with their first few steps inside your home. Otherwise, they might not want to go any further!

Preparing your home for sale & staging: pick the right rooms to paint

If you go to the trouble of decluttering and cleaning your bedrooms and downstairs area, they will likely do fine without extensive interior painting work. It’s almost always the busier areas of the home where people really congregate, such as the kitchen, living room and front entryway that is the most scrutinized as well as most in need of a fresh interior paint job. Those are the areas you really want to be in tip-top shape as they can help in terms of how to sell your home fast!


Preparing your house for sale checklist:

There is so much to think about when you’re preparing your home for sale and how staging can work for your benefit. It can really be helpful to make a list of what you want to prioritize. Look at what needs to be done and perhaps what is okay to just leave as is. We understand that you want to get the full return on your investment and properly budget your expenses.

  1. Clean, clean, clean! Dust, vacuum, get the windows sparkling clean! And don’t forget those bathrooms. When you’re preparing your home for sale, this is not the time to do a light dusting. Really go to town! 
  2. Take down any family photos, calendars or to-do lists in order to properly depersonalize the space.  
  3. Get rid of clutter! You always want potential buyers to take notice of the uniqueness of your home, not how messy it is. Take the opportunity when thinking about how to prepare your house for sale to get rid of those useless odds and ends. 
  4. Do some interior painting! It may have been a while since you did a nice refresh. And you have to think about how some potential buyers may not love your own personal taste — especially if you have a burgundy accent wall in the living room! Go with neutral interior paint colours that will really help in how to sell your home fast! 
  5. Fix any major or minor repairs. Has your toilet been running? Or maybe the wood on the banister is splintering? Now is the time to take care of any home repairs that may help in preparing to sell your home. 
  6. Boost your curb appeal! It’s not all about the interior of a home. Most people take good notice right as they pull up. Fix any peeling exterior paint, trim the shrubs and rake the leaves. 
  7. Prior to any home showing, avoid cooking any smelly foods! Strong food smells tend to linger in a space and that can turn a potential buyer right off. If anything, light a nice soothing candle the night before or even bake some cookies! 
  8. While you’re thinking about preparing your home for sale, it’s best to look around your main living spaces and take note of furniture. Is some of it too bulky? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to get rid of something. Now is the ideal time to make sure everything fits to scale and just makes sense. 
  9. Don’t be afraid to open your curtains and let some light in! Not only will potential buyers be able to see your house more clearly, but it will appear brighter and make the room feel more cheerful. 
  10. Bring in some greenery. When preparing your home for sale, by all means, breathe some real life into your space with some potted plants. Be sure you properly take care of them! They can add such a nice energy to a space and just complete things. 
Preparing Your Home For Sale


1. Are you in a rush to sell your home and don’t have the time to coordinate the work involved to spruce things up?

We know all the worries and work that can be involved when you’re preparing your home for sale. Home Painters Toronto not only offers quality interior painting services, but we also have handyman and carpenter services for items such as fixing trim, tile and installing new door handles. Our painting services are open 7 days a week with over 30 fast painters on staff who are readily available for rush painting services. We also offer free touchless quotes as well as same day pricing. Home Painters Toronto is able to book your painting job within 1 – 2 weeks (or less) and bring top notch quality interior painting services every single time. We are your true one-stop-shop! We put it all under one easy umbrella for you. You will receive professional painting services that will leave potential buyers looking at your home feeling utterly impressed. Just wait to see the offers rolling in!


2. Are you looking to get your house nicely staged for selling while staying on budget?

At Home Painters Toronto, we understand the financial stress that can be felt when you’re selling your home. If you’re in need of some fast and quality interior painting services, our pricing starts at $1,500. We offer flexible payment options as we work with Visa and Mastercard and as an added bonus — you can also collect AIR MILES® Reward Miles now as well! Again, average cost all depends on the size of your home and the scope of the interior painting job. But just give us a quick call to find out and we can get you a quote today for your residential house painting services!

3. Are you unsure of what interior paint colours would best motivate buyers to make an offer?

Do you need to spruce up your home prior to selling with the best neutral colours Or maybe you’re looking to sell the top modern lifestyle to prospective buyers?  Did you know that there are certain interior painting colours that really work in terms of staging your home to sell? They allow potential buyers to immediately begin to imagine themselves building a life for themselves in a new home. There are specific interior painting colours that truly work to keep a space neutral. Also, there are those that help make it appear larger too, which can help make your house more appealing to buyers. Our colour consultation experts know all the tried and true tricks when it comes to choosing the best neutral colours that will motivate buyers looking at your home. Also, our expert fast painters only work with the best paint brands on the market, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Allow us to help make these difficult decisions when it comes to interior painting colours for you!


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An exterior and interior painting client testimonial

John From Toronto 


Are you looking into selling your home and need a professional painter to seal the deal? You’ve come to the right place. John from Toronto has a few things to say about how we transformed his home for the market.

Play Video about Client Testimonial

Exterior Brick Staining Increasing Curb Appeal Client Testimonial

Melissa From Toronto


Watch to see how we were able to help Melissa transform the exterior her home for the market in only a couple of days!


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