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A sleek and rustic looking stained door is truly something for the eye to behold. Paint certainly allows for more customization and color, front door stain is in a category all its own! Of course, front door stain does require repairs and maintenance from time to time and it’s always better to do it sooner rather than later. If you need a reliable contractor to restain and refinish your exterior front door, then you should know that Home Painters Toronto is always up for the task!

Home Painters Toronto Refurbishing and Staining of Exterior Oak Front Doors

Frequently asked questions when it comes to Exterior Front Door Restaining & Refinishing

I really like the overall look of my exterior front door, but the colour has faded and it’s a little worn out. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely! Home Painters Toronto is thrilled to be able to provide front door stain and restaining as well as door refinishing services to our clients. There are so many clients who really like their door, but they’re just in need of a change or their door hasn’t aged very well. Not only is it more economical to simply restain or refinish your door rather than get a brand new one, but it’s often a nice touch to keep your original exterior front door as it feels better suited to the home itself.

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I’m moving soon and would like to freshen up the look of my home. Can restaining or refinishing my exterior front door really make a difference?

Restaining and refinishing your exterior front door is exactly the type of thing that can get the ball rolling in terms of stellar curb appeal. Front doors are often the first thing to catch potential homeowners’ attention. If you decide to freshen things up with a new look with front door stain, it could mean the difference between a sale and a fail!

My front door has some excessive peeling as well as some fading and cracking. Do your services include door refinishing?

Restaining and refinishing your exterior front door is often something that’s neglected by homeowners. The truth of the matter is, since your front door is exposed to the elements and sunlight for all those hours a day, it can lead to some serious issues in terms of aesthetics and wear-and-tear. Home Painters Toronto can definitely help in terms of refinishing services as well as front door stain or restaining it to ensure your exterior front door is looking sturdy, beautiful and strong.

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How much does Front Door Restaining and Refinishing cost?

You may not realize this, but the front door of your exterior home can truly attract the eyes and attention of anyone who passes by. A classic, timeless look can really be achieved by staining or refinishing the front door of your house.

Perhaps you are wondering how much staining or re-staining a front door might cost. Before you begin your project, it is important to consider a number of factors related to budgeting the front door restaining and refinishing process. There are numerous factors involved with the process, from hiring professional painters to the size of the job. Everything you need is right here, from how much do painters charge to how much does a front door restaining and refinishing cost. 

So, how much does the front door restaining and refinishing process cost? The cost of the process of restaining and refinishing a front door is typically in the range of $2,200 to $3,500 +hst. The cost may go higher for bigger projects.

1. What Are Some General Exterior Front Door Restaining and Refinishing Costs

Exterior front door restaining and refinishing costs depend on different factors and vary in different levels. Generally, it starts at $1,995 +hst.  

The average cost for the front door restaining and refinishing process:

  • Minimum job size: $1,995 +hst
  • Small to medium houses: $2,200  to  $3,500 +hst
  • Large to XL houses: $3,000  to  $4,000 +hst

Additional Costing Information:

  • Cost per door/ piece: $250 to $500+ +hst
  • Cost per door/piece (Oak Stained): $2,000 to $4,000+ +hst
  • Cost per door/piece (Garage Small- Medium): $1,000 to $1,300+ +hst
  • Cost per door/piece (Garage Large): $1,500 to $2,000+ +hst

Average Completion Time For Exterior Front Door Restaining and Refinishing 

The question that people often ask is how long and does front door restaining and refinishing take. Toronto homes can vary greatly in size, but the whole process can be completed along from 3 to 4 days for both, small and large houses.

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If you want to know the exact price to paint your home we would recommend getting a FREE Estimate. Click here to fill the form or text/call at 416 494 9095.

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2. Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Exterior Front Door Restaining and Refinishing process

There are many factors that can influence the cost of the refinishing and restaining of exterior front doors. Here are some to consider when preparing your budget:

  1. Size of the job: You will get a better price per square foot if your project is big.
  2. Preparation work required: Do some of the preparation work yourself. By doing so, there will be less work for painters, so you’ll save some money. 
  3. Urgency speed: If your job needs to be completed urgently, more painters will be needed and this will cost you more. 
  4. Time of the year: It is important to choose an appropriate time to realize your front door restaining and refinishing project as it will influence the cost of the whole process. Summertime is usually the best time for your exterior front door restaining and refinishing. 
  5. The difficulty of the job: This is one of the most important factors for determining the cost of your project. Your exterior walls’ height, sharpness, and how easy it may be to reach those areas are important considerations. High and sharp walls require more work, so the cost for the exterior front door restaining and refinishing project will be higher. 
  6. Payment terms i.e. Visa vs e-transfer: Several clients prefer to pay with a credit card, however, these payments all come with extra fees that just increase the total price.  
  7. You realize your painting projects ended up messy because cheap painters did poor work, so you need to start again!

Some common questions for Front Door Restaining and Refinishing

Does the price include materials and labor too?

Yes, labor and all materials required for the exterior front door restaining and refinishing process are included.

Will it be necessary to move things around and clear the areas that need painting and staining before the painters arrive?

Yes, painters can usually do it for you, but it will add to the overall estimate and will add to the number of hours of your project. It is usually fine to ask them for help with any oversized items that you are unable to move on your own; this is to allow them to paint.

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Small to Medium Houses
$2,200 to $3,500 +hstaverage
  • Labour, paint and materials included.
Large to XL Houses
$3,000 to $4,000+ +hstaverage
  • Labour, paint and materials included.

These prices are just average ballpark price ranges. For a more accurate estimate, please fill out the web form on the page.

What to do now that you are ready to stain and refinish you exterior front door



Contact us and we will get you a free quote immediately! We are the fastest response painters in the business. One of our front door stain and  painting experts will arrive on-site and give you a job scope analysis, a professional colour consultation and a detailed estimate of costs.



Then we will book the job with you for your front door stain or restaining and refinishing project. We will set an ideal start date, help you choose the right colours, charge the deposit and confirm any other job details.



Our seasoned team of house painters will show up on time on the first day of the job and go over the front door stain or refinishing project to double check that we’re on the same page with your needs.
Then they will protect all affected areas with drop cloths and plastic sheeting and immediately get to work with the staining!
If you’re not home, they will send you updates with their progress.



Once we are complete, our team with clean up the area and make sure it looks exactly how it did when we first arrived.
We will do a final walk-through with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Only then is your final payment processed.
Remember, we are not satisfied until you are 100% satisfied!


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