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As painting contractors for more than thirty years, we know that there is a huge need for staircase painting and staining. That’s why we include it in our services! Staircases are one of the most-used parts of your home. Because of this, they are also typically the most worn, scuffed up, and damaged of all interior areas.

The stairs themselves are the first part to get damaged or worn out, causing inconsistency and a bad look for the treads. These problems are even more obvious if your stairs are stained, in which case, there will be worn out patches in the middle where most of the traffic occurs. If that’s not bad enough, the risers, stringers, nosing, and pickets are often banged and scuffed up too.

Current interior decorating trends have included staining (including treads, rails, and newels) and painting the staircase (including spindles, risers, stringers, and runners). In fact, approximately 90% of hardwood stairs in Toronto century homes have been stained or painted.

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Staircase Painting and Staining
Staircase Painting and Staining

advantages of staircase painting & staining

 Protect from Wear and Tear

Your stairs see a lot of action in their life. Staircase staining or painting protects the wood from the normal wear-and-tear of an active household, and a small bit of care now can lengthen the life of the stairs for the future. Having painted or stained stairs can also decrease the chances of injuries resulting from splinters or damaged wood.

  • Quality Check-up

When considering staining or painting, you should check the health of your staircase. Is any wood rotted or warped? Do the stairs need to be sanded or replaced? Are there any dents or dings that need to be filled? If so, you should show your stairs that you care by fixing them up.

  • The Silent Treatment

Freshly painted stairs or a stained staircase, if accompanied by a thorough inspection and some spot fixes, can ensure that you lose those creaks and groans that make every midnight snack run a not-so-stealth mission!

  • New Color, New Life

If you’re making big changes to the look of your home, upstairs or down, you don’t want to leave the stairs out. They can be painted or stained to match the rest of your decor, or to act as an accent piece to really make your home stand out. At a reasonable cost to you, having a painted or stained staircase can add a bold statement to your home’s appearance. Like any good paint job, well-painted or stained stairs can also add value to your home when you are preparing it for sale and increase its appeal to potential buyers.

Home Painters’ Interior Staircase Refurbishing Process

One thing that makes us unique at Home Painters is our staircase refurbishing process.

We start by ensuring that we get the right stain colour to match the previous coat of stain, or match a new and improved colour to a newly-installed hardwood floor. Once we do that, we complete a sample to ensure you are happy with the outcome. After you approve the stain colour, we strip and sand the surface and prepare it. Then we apply the stain, making sure that the pores in the wood absorb it so that we can get a nice, even look. Once the staining is complete, we seal the surface with two or three coats of urethane.


When staining is complete, we apply the paint (if any). We do this by scuff sanding and roughing up the surfaces then applying a special bonding primer. Once dry, we apply the final two coats of paint.

As you can imagine, the staircase refurbishing process can be a long and tedious one. When done properly and with care, however, your stairs can be the showcase of your interior.

Are you ready now to refurbish your staircase? If so, here is what to do:


Contact us by phone or email and we will either pick up or respond in lightning speed.


Our staircase refurbishing expert will show up on time and assess your needs. We will give you a detailed estimate on the spot, or shortly thereafter


Once we book the job with you, we will work out an ideal start date, give you an approximate completion date, confirm stain and/or paint colours, and then sort out your preferred means of payment.


On the first day of the job, we will go over the scope details and colours once again and address any other concerns you may have.


Staircase refurbishing can often last multiple days, so we will give you updates as to what is going on, let you know when you can step on the stairs, when you should stay off of them, and any other pertinent details.


Once we are complete, we do a thorough walkthrough with you and do not consider the job complete until you are satisfied. We aren’t happy unless you’re happy!

We are so confident that we can deliver the quality results you deserve, that we offer a “lifetime warranty” on our interior services. This is something that has never been offered in the history of painting – except by us!

Next Steps?

Now that you are ready to transform your staircase, contact us to make your dreams come true!

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