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Baseboards, an often overlooked aspect of home design, can offer a subtle and practical way to bring a new level of elegance to your space. Not only do baseboards protect your walls from damage, but they also provide an attractive finishing touch to any room. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the basics of baseboard installation and repair, delivering useful insights to help you renovate and remodel your home. Let’s get started!

What are Baseboards?

Baseboards, also known as skirting boards or floor mouldings, are narrow strips of moulding installed along the bottom edge of walls, where they connect with the floor. They serve both functional and decorative purposes.

Functionally, baseboards protect the lower portion of the walls from scuffs, knocks, and damage caused by daily activities such as vacuuming, mopping, and moving furniture. They can also help hide uneven flooring and small gaps between the wall and floor, as well as repel moisture and pests to some extent.

Decoratively, baseboards provide a seamless transition between walls and floors, enhancing the room’s aesthetics. There are several types of baseboards available in the market today. They can be made from wood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), PVC, and polystyrene and are available in various styles and sizes to complement any interior design style.

Common Problems and Issues with Baseboards

Baseboard trim can develop various issues over time due to wear and tear, moisture, and improper installation. Recognizing these common problems can help homeowners like you address and resolve them in a timely manner. Let’s look at some prevalent baseboard issues and how to tackle them.

Gaps and Separation

1. Gaps and Separation

Gaps between the baseboards and walls, floors, or at the joints can occur due to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood, improper installation, or a settling house. To resolve this issue, fill the gaps with a flexible, paintable caulk or use a suitable wood filler. Caulking baseboards will help maintain a clean, continuous look of the baseboard while preventing dirt and moisture from getting in.

Warping and Swelling

2. Warping and Swelling

Exposure to moisture and changes in humidity can cause wooden baseboards to warp, swell, or buckle. In moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms, it’s best to use moisture-resistant materials like PVC, MDF, or vinyl baseboards. If the existing baseboards are warped or swollen, you may need to replace the affected section with a more suitable material for the area.

Dents and Scratches

3. Dents and Scratches

Baseboards are susceptible to dents and scratches from daily wear and tear, accidents, or moving furniture. To address these issues, use a colour-matched wood filler, allow it to dry, and then sand the area smoothly. Touch up the repaired section with paint or stain to blend it seamlessly with the rest of the baseboard.

Peeling Paint or Stain

4. Peeling Paint or Stain

Peeling paint or stain on the baseboards is a common issue that occurs due to exposure to excessive moisture, inadequate surface preparation, or the use of low-quality products. To resolve, thoroughly sand and clean the surface before applying a high-quality primer and paint or stain. Remember to apply multiple thin coats of baseboard paint finish rather than a single thick coat for optimal results.

Insect Damage

5. Insect Damage

Wood-boring insects, such as termites or carpenter ants, can infest wood baseboards and weaken their structure. To address this issue, consult a professional pest control expert who can assess the extent of the damage and recommend appropriate treatment measures. Replacing the damaged sections with new, treated wood or other alternative materials can help prevent future infestations.

Mismatched or Outdated Style

6. Mismatched or Outdated Style

Over time, the style of your baseboards may no longer match the rest of your room or even the current design trends. To update and improve your space, consider replacing old and outdated baseboards with a style that complements your room’s décor and enhances its overall appeal. However, if you don’t want replacing old baseboards to be a major project, consider simply painting them instead. Painting baseboards can help you quickly update their look without having to spend a lot of time or money on new materials.

How to Install Baseboards

• Choose Your Material: When installing baseboards, the first step is to select your preferred material. Baseboards are typically created from wood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), PVC, or polystyrene. Consider aesthetics, durability, and ease of installation when making your choice.

• Measure and Prep: Accurate measurements are vital for a successful baseboards and trim project. Measure the perimeter of your room and purchase the baseboards accordingly. Before baseboard installation, clean, and prep the area where the baseboards will be installed. This ensures a smooth, clean finish.

• Cutting and Fitment: Cut each length of the baseboard at a 45-degree angle to create neat and flush joints. Double-check each cut’s accuracy before attaching them to the wall using an adhesive, nails, or both. Ensure that all joints are tightly fitted and aligned for the best appearance.

• Finishing Touches: After installation, use a quality caulk or wood filler to seal gaps, both between the baseboard and the wall, as well as between joints. Sand the baseboards to smooth out any rough spots, then apply paint or finish to seamlessly match your room’s décor.

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Repairing Baseboards: Step-By-Step Guide

• Inspect and Identify: First, when repairing baseboards, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect your baseboards to identify any problematic areas. This could be dents, scratches, or warped boards caused by moisture. Take note so that you can focus on each issue accordingly.

• Minor Fixes: For small scratches and dings, apply a wood filler that matches your baseboard’s colour. Once the filler has dried, sand and smooth the area, and then touch it up with matching paint or finish.

• Addressing More Serious Problems: For more severe issues, such as water damage, it may be necessary to remove the damaged section and replace it. Carefully pry off the damaged portion of the baseboard, being cautious not to cause further damage. After removal, proceed with the installation steps mentioned earlier.

Painter Repairing Baseboards

Top Reasons Why Hire a Professional for Baseboard Installation and Repair

Home improvements can be an exciting undertaking, but they can also be complex and time-consuming, especially for tasks like baseboard installation and repair. While it might be tempting to handle these tasks yourself, hiring a professional often provides better results. Here are salient reasons why hiring a professional for baseboard installation and repair is a great decision.


1. Expertise and Skill

Professional installers possess the necessary skills and experience to handle various types of baseboards. They know the intricacies of each type of installation and are aware of the common issues that may arise. This expertise ensures that the job is done right the first time, saving you the hassle and cost of reinstalling or repairing poorly installed baseboards. They are also aware of various baseboard painting hacks that help them finish the job more efficiently.

2. Tools and Equipment

Proper baseboard installation and repair require specialized tools, including mitre saws, nail guns, and caulking guns, among others. If you don’t have these tools, renting or buying them can be quite costly. A professional installer has access to all the necessary equipment, eliminating this concern.

3. Time Savings

A professional can install or repair baseboards more efficiently due to their expertise. What might take you a full weekend or more, a professional could likely complete in a day. This allows you to focus on other important tasks or simply to relax and enjoy your time.

4. Quality Materials

Professional baseboard installers typically have a network of suppliers where they can source high-quality materials at preferable prices. This means you’re likely to get better quality baseboards and installation materials than you might find on your own.

5. Correct Measurements

Incorrect measurements can result in unnecessary wastage or mismatched baseboards. Professionals are very precise with measurements, ensuring minimal waste and a perfect fit for your space.

6. Perfect Finishing Touches

Professionals are also experts in the finishing touches that can make your baseboards look excellent. This includes things like expert caulking, perfect corner cuts, and seamless blending of baseboards with the existing decor.

7. Post-Installation Cleanup

Finally, a professional will take care of the post-installation cleanup. They will dispose of or recycle old baseboards and leftover materials, leaving your space clean and ready for you to enjoy.

The Importance of Proper Installation and Repair of Baseboards

1. Aesthetics

Baseboards serve as the ultimate finishing touch to a room, transforming the area from ordinary to polished. A perfectly installed baseboard creates a smooth transition from wall to floor, concealing imperfections and providing a pleasing border that frames the room. Conversely, a poorly installed or damaged baseboard can detract from your room’s overall elegance.

2. Protection

Baseboards play a crucial role in protecting your walls from damage. Day-to-day activities, such as vacuuming, mopping, or moving furniture, can scuff or dent your walls. With a solid baseboard in place, such impacts are absorbed, preserving your walls and keeping them in a good state.

3. Value

Consistent maintenance and repair of your baseboards not only preserve the look of your interior but also add to the value of your home. Future buyers or tenants will appreciate the additional care taken in maintaining the property. A poorly maintained baseboard can be a detraction for potential investors or buyers.

4. Moisture Barrier

Moreover, baseboards serve as a moisture barrier to some extent. In areas prone to flooding, they can help protect the walls from absorbing moisture, indirectly safeguarding the integrity of your home’s structure.

5. Pest Deterrence

A properly installed baseboard can also deter pests. Small cracks and gaps can provide an entry point for bugs and other pests. A well-sealed baseboard acts as a deterrent, reducing the likelihood of unwelcome guests.

6. Heat Retention

Furthermore, baseboards can contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. Gaps and cracks between the floor and walls can result in heat loss. However, a well-installed baseboard can block these gaps, thus aiding in heat retention.

To sum it up

Hiring a professional for your baseboard Toronto installation and repair project offers several advantages. From quality workmanship and materials to saving you time and potential headaches. A small investment in professional installation and regular maintenance can reap significant benefits in terms of the lifespan and visual appeal of your beautiful home.

If you’re based in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area and are looking to install new baseboards or repair existing ones, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! For all things related to home aesthetics—from a simple touch-up to a complete overhaul—you can trust Home Painters Toronto.

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