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Brick Staining Cost Estimate 2021

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Brick staining vs painting Are you considering staining your brick house in 2021? Brick is very unique from other kinds of siding and allows you to customize how you want your…

Best Bathroom Paint Colours

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Bathrooms are one the most used spaces in a home. When redecorating this setting, you need to know what vibes you want to obtain. How you spend your time in…
curb appeal ideas, best curb appeal ideas, easy curb appeal ideas, front door curb appeal ideas

Curb Appeal Ideas

best curb appeal ideas If you are thinking about selling your house, exterior paint will do wonders for your curb appeal. Curb appeal is about maintaining your home’s attractiveness. This…
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All About Gloss Level

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Knowing which gloss level to choose for your painting project is extremely important. Although challenging at first, selecting the right gloss will help you with your painting project and will…

Deck Painting Ideas

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Your deck should compliment your unique style. It does not always have to be the same thing. This is your outdoor space, so make it count! Add colours that match…
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Painting Tips For DIY Projects

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When it comes to any project, whether it be for school or for work, every individual has a specific way they get their work done. The same goes for painting…
lush modern unisex nursery painted taupe walls and white window and baseboard trim, nursery paint colours

Nursery Paint Colours Ideas 2021

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How do I go about picking a nursery paint colour?  We hear this question a lot from new parents in Toronto who come to us for their home painting and…
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The Best Interior Ceiling Paint

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Sometimes you look around your room and can’t quite pinpoint what it is that needs a refresh… and then you look up! That’s exactly when you notice that the paint…

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