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Painter painting exterior of house using ladder, exterior house painters, paint for vinyl siding, house painter toronto, home painting services

Paint For Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl is a very popular product for home exteriors. Unfortunately, sometimes the popularity does not help, considering vinyl fades over time when exposed to light. Fear not though, a coat…
exterior brick painting in charcoal by Toronto painting company Home Painters Toronto, residential house painting, exterior painters toronto, how often should a house be painted, exterior house painting toronto

How Often Should A House Be Painted?

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How often should a house be painted depends on many factors. Your home’s exterior is everyone’s first impression that passes by. Maintaining the exterior painting of your home is important…

How To Build A Temporary Wall

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Have you ever looked around your home and thought to yourself that something isn’t quite right. What with being home a lot more and practically falling over one another in…
home maintenance checklist

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall might just be the perfect time of year to tick off those items on your home maintenance checklist. When you’re working outside, the weather isn’t too hot or too…
stain deck

How to Stain Your Deck

A well kept deck gives your home additional room for family time and relaxation, it also works to add value to your home. Like any backyard living space, Mother Nature…
deck fire pit on stained pressure washed and stained deck, wicker patio furniture fall backyard, deck paint colors, best deck paint

Fall Backyard: Ways To Extend Your Patio Season

Fall Backyard: Ways To Extend Your Patio Season With the temperatures dropping soon, we all might feel the need to rapidly scramble inside. The thing is though, there is something…
interior painters painting a white wall, professional painters, Toronto painters, painting companies, best paint for walls, house painting toronto, professional painters

Painting Walls For Beginners

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Painting walls for beginners is a fun activity, even for veteran painters. It’s usually an inexpensive project and if something unfortunately goes wrong, it is easily fixable. Refreshing your room…
how to make a gallery wall, gallery wall template, gallery wall ideas, how to plan a gallery wall

How To Make A Gallery Wall

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How to make a gallery wall  Gallery walls can be such a game changer for a space. In case you aren’t aware, a gallery wall is a curation of artwork,…
interior painting bathroom white condominium bathroom, interior painters toronto, bathroom ceiling paint, ceiling paint for bathroom, house painters toronto

Ceiling Paint For Bathroom

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The bathroom is our most used space and for obvious reasons. It’s always great to give your space a boost and that includes using a fresh coat of paint. Depending…
Popcorn and Stucco Ceiling Flattening, popcorn ceiling removal, remove stucco ceiling, professional painters, house painters toronto, painting companies toronto

How To Remove Stucco Ceiling

Stucco ceiling (or popcorn ceiling) first became a thing around the 1960s-1970s. The process of applying stucco ceiling was quite easy back in the day. It was also a great…
how to remove wallpaper, interior painters, interior painting services, house painters toronto

Top Tips To Remove Wallpaper

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To remove wallpaper can be time-consuming and a little tricky. With the wrong preparation, everything can go downhill instantly. However, removing wallpaper can be simple, if you have the necessary…
interior painting condominium white modern living room

How Much To Paint A Condo In Toronto?

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If you’re living in a Toronto condo, chances are there’s been many people there prior to when you moved in. Toronto condominiums see all sorts of interior paint colours and…
What Is Low VOC Paint

What Is Low VOC Paint?

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  Do you ever feel as though you’re not quite in the know, especially in terms of what paint to choose. We’re sure you’ve probably heard the phrase low VOC…

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