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home maintenance checklist

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall might just be the perfect time of year to tick off those items on your home maintenance checklist. When you’re working outside, the weather isn’t too hot or too…
stain deck

How to Stain Your Deck

A well kept deck not just gives your home additional room for family time and relaxation, it also works to add value to your home. Like any backyard living space,…
deck fire pit on stained pressure washed and stained deck, wicker patio furniture fall backyard

Fall Backyard: Ways To Extend Your Patio Season

Fall Backyard: Ways To Extend Your Patio Season With the temperatures dropping soon, we all might feel the need to rapidly scramble inside. The thing is though, there is something…
how long does brick stain last

How long does brick stain last?

Are you currently trying to decide whether or not you should do some exterior painting and stain your bricks? A lot of homeowners who are looking to do a refresh…
exterior painting

Exterior Painting in the Fall Season

Fall in Canada is consistently lovely. The cooler temperatures with clear and bright skies, it is the perfect season to invest energy outside and it is likewise a brilliant opportunity…
how to paint your room by yourself

How to paint your room by yourself

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Plan your methodology Start by considering how you need the completed task to look and recollect that you’re not restricted to four dividers in a similar shading. Consider painting an…
how to remove carpet from stairs

How to remove carpet from stairs

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Are you looking to update your space and put in some new carpet? One of the initial steps for this little home renovation project is to remove carpet from stairs…
how to remove wallpaper

How To Remove Wallpaper

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As it seems, everything that was once considered old and dated always comes back into style! That’s how it’s been with wallpaper removal as well as new wallpaper installation over…

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