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Whether you’ve decided that you want exterior stucco siding or that you just want to paint it, the preparation and process can be stressful. Even in the best of circumstances, exterior stucco siding can crack. That is why our expertise can save you time and money. At Home Painters Toronto, we have over 36 years of experience that will ensure your stucco siding looks as beautiful as you can imagine!

Exterior Stucco Siding by Home Painters Toronto
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Frequently asked questions when it comes to

1. How much does stucco siding painting cost?

There are numerous factors you should keep in mind when evaluating stucco siding painting costs. The cost of painting stucco siding varies but, in general, it starts at $4,500-$5,000 +HST

When you have a small project, what can you do? Consider bundling additional services with painting, carpentry, or handyman work to get a better price.

Approximate prices for exterior stucco siding painting

The size of your project is one of the most important factors that will affect stucco siding painting costs. We have created three cost estimates for this process based on three major-sized homes in Toronto and the GTA.

But if you want a quick and easy way to get have an idea, here is just some general ball park prices based on historical averages.


Generally, based on the size of the project, the cost of stucco siding painting is around: 

 Small exterior stucco siding painting jobs  = $4,000- $8,000 +HST

 Medium exterior stucco siding painting jobs = $5,000- $12,000 +HST

 Large exterior stucco siding painting jobs = $15,000- $25,000 +HST

Approximate completion times for exterior stucco siding painting

• Small to medium stucco siding painting job: 1 to 3 business days

• Medium to large stucco siding painting job: 3 to 5 business days

• Large to XL stucco siding painting job: 5 to 7 business days

***Or if you are in a rush, inquire about our 1 or 2 day painting services.***

Exterior Stucco Siding Infographics


Some more specific aspects that affect the price of painting stucco siding are the preparation steps necessary, the location of the house as well as the weather conditions, the style, size, and structure of the property, and finally its specific special features. 

Because stucco often needs to be repaired before painting and because the quantity of paint is higher compared to less absorbent materials, the price for painting stucco siding can vary greatly. 


1. The amount of prep needed ( clutter removal, materials needed, size of the job)

2. The urgency of the job; the quicker you want the job done, the more likely it will cost more. Rushing painters means more work at a higher pace, which requires more workers. Try to find middle groun with your hired paint service.

3. Timing of the job (Summer has a higher demand for painting services).

4. Payment method (stick with cash, cheques or e-transfers instead of credit card as admin fees cost more).

5. The more clutter, the more work, which equals a higher price. If you can, try to remove as much clutter yourself safely, as it will end up costing you less

Exterior Stucco Siding

***If you want to know the exact price to paint your home we would recommend getting a FREE Estimate.
Click here to fill the form or text/call at 416 494 9095.***

2. Will you include the paint, materials, and labour?

Yes, all the materials to protect and prepare the walls as well as labour are included.

3. Do I have to move things around and clear the areas to be painted before the painters come?

Usually yes, painters can do it for you but that will add on the hours of your project and it will increase your overall estimate. But!, if there’s any oversized item that you cannot move on your own, it’s normally ok to ask them to give you a hand to move it a bit to allow them to paint.

Exterior Window Siding Painting

4. How long will my project take?

Most jobs will take 2 and 5 days. But if your in a rush, inquire about our 1 or 2 day painting services.

5. How do I pick my colours?

We can suggest some of the most popular colours to get  you started from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. If you really need help, one of our experts can come to help you pick colours.

6. Who will you be sending to do my project?

The project will be completed by our in-house painters, who are all experienced and professionally trained (and not subcontractors).

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How to stucco a house exterior?

Stucco is a kind of concrete mixed with sandlime, and water.  It has excellent properties for a home exterior, such as being low cost and breathable.  Depending on the house, sheathing may or may not be needed beneath your stucco siding.  Usually, existing walls don’t require sheathing so that you can skip those steps below. 

1. Planning and Preparation

To stucco, your house exterior is a big job.  Before starting, it is essential to gather materials, tools, and any protective equipment, and schedule a time of the month or year where the weather is best suited for an exterior project.  And have your steps planned in advance, so your ratios and timings are on point. 

2. Sheathing

If sheathing is necessary, you may have a variety of options.  The most common materials are wood, gypsum, fiberglass, and cement. 

3. Building Paper and Rain Screen

Building paper that goes over your sheathing acts as a weather-resistant barrier.  Start at the bottom of the wall and staple in many places making sure that it ends an inch or two beyond your sheathing and you overlap where necessary.  Using a rain screen allows for some water drainage and greater airflow. 

4. Weep Screeds and Casing Bead

For further waterproofing, you can use weep screeds to ensure you have ventilation for moisture above the foundation of your stucco siding.  And casing beads will act as a plaster-stop along with the corners of your sheathing, like doors, windows, and the base of the wall. 

5. Metal Lath

When installing the metal lath, an expanded perforated metal sheet with often diamond-shaped openings, make sure to attach it to the studs you used while installing your sheathing and not the sheathing itself.  This will act as the platform on which to apply your stucco siding. 

How To Stucco A House

6. Control Joints

Next, divide the wall into rectangles 18 feet apart to attach your control joints.  This will minimize cracking when the stucco shrinks.  Also, attach control joints when two different walls meet. 

7. Scratch Coat

When mixing the scratch coat, make sure to follow the ratios on the package.  Use a trowel to apply the scratch coat into the metal lath. Push firmly and make sure the width is thick enough to cover the wire grids.  Use a metal scratch coat rake to create horizontal lines so that the next coat bonds well.  While allowing this coat to set, mist it about twice a day for at least 48 hours.  But you can go up to 3 to 5 days.  This will ensure the surface is damp without soaking it, which will help prevent cracking. 

8. Brown Coat

For the next layer, follow the instructions on the package during your mixing process.  Apply the brown coat, so it is about ¾ of an inch thick.  When the brown coat looks less moist, use a darby – a long strip of wood with two handles – to smooth out the brown coat.  The cure time for this layer is between 7 and 28 days. Mist for at least the first 48 hours of this timeframe. 

9. Finish Coat

The finishing coat may be a slightly different ratio – so keep this in mind if you are mixing the ingredients yourself.  This layer is about an eighth of an inch thick and is where you will choose your surface texture.  There are a variety of finishes and patterns you can go with.  After at least a week of curing, you can begin your painting process.

How to paint a stucco exterior?

How To Paint A Stucco Exterior

Step 1: Power Wash

 Using a power washer and/or bristle brush, get rid of any extra dust and debris from your stucco exterior.  Make sure the pressure is on the lowest setting so as not to damage the surface.  You may use a general cleaner like TSP or bleach and water for stains and the like.  Leave at least twenty-four hours of dry time before moving onto repairs. 

Step 2:  Repair, Patch, Caulk

 Use caulking to fill any hairline or spider cracks.  You may need to use a stucco patching material for larger cracks and holes.  If you have excessive damage due to settling, you may need to work with a contractor before moving onto the painting process.  After repairing, wait for seven to ten days. 

Step 3: Tape Trims and Doors

 To prepare for painting, choose a timeframe where the weather looks best. Tape off trims, windows and doors that you don’t want to be splattered.  You can use plastic sheets to cover glass and surrounding areas. 

Step 4:  Prime

For stucco siding, you want to use a high-quality acrylic primer and apply it with an airless sprayer or a roller that has a thicker nap.  Stucco is a material that will soak up more primer, so keep this in mind when you are doing your practice section. 

Step 5: Paint

 An exterior acrylic paint works well on stucco.  For small areas, you may want to use a roller and for large areas, you may prefer an airless sprayer.  Two coats of paint are usually recommended.  It takes about two to four hours for the paint to dry to the touch but up to thirty days for it to cure fully on exterior surfaces.

Exterior Stucco Siding Painting GALLERY

What to do now that you are ready for Exterior Stucco Siding Painting? (Step by Step):

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Firstly, give us a call or email for a free quote on your stucco siding painting!

Our experts will arrive on-site to give you an assessment and a detailed estimate, featuring everything you want to be repaired and restored.

Step Two Booking


The job will get booked, and we’ll set up an ideal starting date.

On the first day, we will do a brief walk-through to ensure we’re on the same page.

From there, we’ll get started with the concrete painting! You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.

Step Three Paint


Once we have finished the job, we’ll clean up any messes and ensure the site is left spotless!

Then, we’ll do a final walk-through with you to make sure you are completely happy with the job before we consider it complete!

If you’re not around, we will call, text, or email to set up a proper time for the final walk-through. We are not satisfied until you’re fully satisfied!

Step Four Quality Check


Nonetheless, we don’t process your final payment until you tell us that you’re completely happy with our work.

Prevent your home from getting inadequate stucco siding

Exterior stucco siding is more money, time, and energy.  Don’t risk a bad exterior stucco job cracking or even rotting or painted stucco crumbling!  When it comes to exterior stucco siding, let our decades of experience be there for you.  At Home Painters Toronto, we can answer all of your questions and ensure that no step is overlooked so that your exterior stucco siding is in the best condition possible and your home is as beautiful as it is in your dreams! 

Here at Home Painters Toronto, we will work with you every step of the way for your exterior stucco siding project. Everything will be on paper so you can relax a bit more knowing your home is getting top-notch service from experienced and honest individuals.


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