Condominium Common Area Painting

Condominium Common area painting is a common task that apartment owners face at some point during their ownership. It is a great way to increase the value of their property, attract new tenants and create a more cohesive community.

Once painting for Condo or Townhouse complexes, the biggest issue is staying within the financial budget. Maintenance service fees are becoming considerably higher and higher, so any kind of repair or maintenance work can have a significant impact on them.

Another issue is the possibility of interrupting the utilization of the amenities by the condo or townhouse residents. The painters must be responsible for not interrupting the daily usage of the common areas. Noises have to be minimal, and paint flakes as well as other construction messes must be cleaned up each and every single day. Selecting eco-friendly products with low-odour paints helps keep the odours to an absolute minimum. Hence decreasing the painters’ impact on the environment.

Condominiums, managed properties, and Townhouse Complexes in Toronto and the GTA include several common places that need routine maintenance or frequent painting.

What Exactly Are Common Areas in a Condominium?

Can you tell the difference between what exactly the condo owner maintains, and what exactly the condo corporation maintains? Generally, the association takes care of almost all the exterior services of the apartments, condos, or townhouses. This may differ to some degree from corporation to corporation, Therefore, it is essential for a new condo buyer to have a very clear understanding of what exactly will (or may not) be included.

Common spaces are areas of a condominium or townhouse complex that belong to all owners. With just a few exceptions, they consist of all things except the units in which people reside.  Areas such as corridors, hallways, entertainment rooms, garbage rooms, lobby areas, locker zones, garages, tech places, roofs, grounds, and driveways are typically common places.

Painting common areas are normally the responsibility of the townhouse or condominium association when it comes to maintenance or services.

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How Often Should Condo Buildings Be Painted?

The frequency of painting depends on the type of building.  In general, a condo or townhouse complex needs to be painted every three years.  Homes with four units or fewer should be repainted twice in that time frame, while larger buildings require more frequent maintenance. It is a good idea to paint twice a year, especially if you live in an older building.

If there are repairs and maintenance requirements on the property, it’s recommended that these be done before painting begins.  If you live in a newer townhouse or condo complex built within the last 10-15 years, chances are that your building has been painted recently enough to not require another coat of paint for at least another year or two.

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Best Exterior Paint Colours for Apartment Buildings

Painting your apartment building is a great way to improve the curb appeal of the property and make it stand out from the rest. Many people choose bright colours for their buildings because they are fun, easy to maintain, and can give your property an updated look.

Creams and beiges are also popular choices for exterior paint colours in apartment buildings because they blend well with most types of architecture.  If you are choosing an apartment colour scheme in 2023 for your building, always consider what type of building materials were used when it was originally constructed before deciding on colours.

In general, it’s best to choose a colour that will last for many years. There are some newer paints that contain more UV-resistant ingredients and can hold up longer than normal paint. If you have an apartment complex with multiple buildings, it might be worth considering painting each one a different colour so they all stand out from each other.

Remarkable Solutions for Painting a Condo or Townhouse Complex

We don’t simply paint, but we beautify as well as protect the townhouse complexes and residential properties that we work on. Whether it is for the property manager, condo residents, or maybe even a local community clientele. We try to go that extra yard to provide them with a top-quality product.  At the same time, we keep the entire complex community properly informed of pertinent job site information while keeping the project on schedule.  This ensures we don’t interrupt their daily lifestyles while completing the job at the same time.

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Condo Painting

Condominium Painting Services

  • Complete exterior condominium painting. Such as playgrounds, balconies and outdoor structures, siding, trim and windows.
  • Interior painting of hallways, ceilings, entryways, lobbies, stairways, garbage chutes, and entertainment or party rooms.  Same with gym, swimming pools and parking facilities.
  • Arranging the painting of entry doors for all homeowners
  • Painting vertical structures as well as dealing with all aspects of difficult-access jobs
  • Fixing or replacing sidings, such as hardwood, metals, stucco, and exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS). And also inside drywall, plastering or carpentry
  • Full exterior electric power washing

Our painting project supervisors specialize in making sure that the apartment complex painting job goes properly. We offer totally free online painting quotes. As well as comprehensive cost estimates, which means you know what exactly to expect.

Home Painters Toronto is well-known for our professionalism, trust, and reliability. We’re here to finalize your commercial painting job in a timely manner to help you concentrate on your own business. You can easily trust us in our uniformed, qualified, licensed, and fully insured commercial painters.

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