The Best Energizing Colours For Kids And Teenagers Bedrooms

Are you out of ideas for painting your kids’ or teenagers’ bedrooms?  Do you want to find a way to get your teenager out of bed without a band of wild horses? Think about repainting your kid’s bedroom! A simple bedroom painting makeover can make a boring bedroom into a stimulating environment.

As we all know, colour is one of the most important aspects of home decor. The colour for painting bedroom walls is usually the first thing we think about when we start decorating a room. Colour has a huge physical and psychological effect on our moods. It can be used to stimulate specific feelings – even make people feel more excited and more motivated.

Which Colour to Paint a Kids or teenagers Bedrooms?

Kids and teenagers should be consulted on the colour before bedroom painting – after all, it is their own space. But their interior decorating tastes can change from day to day, so keep in mind our room painting tips while choosing the colour for your kid’s bedroom for the best possible effect.

Consider the Size of the kid’s or teenagers Bedroom

  • The room might be small or void of natural light. Use shades of pastels or neutrals. This reflects light and makes a room look bigger than it really is.
  • You can use darker tones in a small bedroom, but make sure there is enough light. You don’t want your child feeling like they are in a cave.


Set the Mood for a teenagers bedrooms

  • Keep in mind that colour influences emotions and affects productivity and efficiency. Make informed colour selections.
  • Bold colors like red or violet on kid’s bedroom  tend to arouse adrenaline. This increases energy and improves production subconsciously.
  • Yellow and green are also motivating colours that stimulate an upbeat attitude.
  • Lemon yellows are the first color that the brain recognizes. It could increase comprehension dramatically.
  • Greens are pleasing to the eye. They motivate without distracting.
  • Blue increases willingness to read. If you like blue, don’t pick soft, watery tones. Try using bold sapphire colours that are bright and vivid.
  • Pastels and neutrals are popular in bedroom painting. They give a calming effect that might not be good for focus.


Colors and Combinations to Stay Away From for kids’ bedroom 

  • Try to avoid painting in purple and especially violet. They are good for a work space but could cause daydreaming.
  • White and red are energizing colours and black is strong. Combine them to avoid overwhelming.
  • Use colours in moderation. Bold colours could turn out to be distracting even though they are energizing.


Mix and Match for the Perfect Bedroom Design

  • You can try using bold colours on one wall and soothing colours on the rest. This helps to divide work space from sleep space. It also looks better and more interesting for kids.
  • You could try painting one wall or add accents of motivational colours.
  • You might want to tone down colours that are too bright or too dark. Do this by mixing tones. Paint two walls one colour and then the other two another colour. This keeps the space interesting.


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