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Dining rooms are versatile spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes. They may serve as an elegant backdrop for hosting dinner parties or as a casual space where you can eat every day. It’s important to consider what you want your dining room to be before choosing furniture and decorating accessories. Choosing the right dining room interior design is essential for creating an inviting space that reflects your personality, style, and budget.

Here at Home Painters Toronto, we’ve seen our share of a dining room renovation. Changing the complete look and feel of your dining room can be as easy as putting on a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes it’s hard to think of how to update a space that’s as simple as a dining room usually is. Because your options for furniture can be limited, painting can be one of the most effective decorating changes for your dining area.

You might not use your dining rooms for everyday events, saving it for something special like a Thanksgiving feast or a birthday party, but after these easy-painted dining room upgrades, you might just want to start!

Dining Room Painting Inspiration

Add a magnetic chalkboard accent wall

This is an especially great idea when your kitchen and dining room are combined, like in smaller houses and condos. Accent walls can make a space look bigger, as well as dividing up a shared space into separate rooms with separate functions.

Plus, a chalkboard in a kitchen is just as handy if not more so than in a dining room. Use it for grocery lists, displaying your dinner menu, or showing off your kids’ artwork.

Painting flat or stucco ceilings – easy dining room renovation!

People always think the walls are the only surfaces that need painting, but there are some very cool effects that come from painting a ceiling. A painted ceiling can make the room look bigger, can add drama, or can call attention to other elements in a room with the same colour. A case of a combined dining/living area? Much like an accent wall, a painted ceiling is a great way to define a space.

Small Kitchen Before and After Renovation

Use multiple colours for a striking visual effect

Colour combinations can be tricky because you don’t want colours that clash or look tacky when put together. But when done right a multi-hued room can end up being gorgeous. My favourite colour combination for dining room painting is blues and grays, but there are lots of great subtle colour combos than can really make a room pop.

Painted dining room furniture

Again, people always think it’s the walls that need to change their colour. But sometimes painted furniture can bring more life to a room than walls ever could. Especially with white or neutral walls, a pop of bright colour on painted chairs or an upcycled painted vintage side table can really make a statement.

Patterned painting, faux finishes

Patterns are a fun way to play with the colour of your dining room walls and give walls a bit more texture. For a more subtle or traditional style try a botanical chinoiserie pattern, diamond damask, or trellis-style stencils. For a modern sleek look go for large geometric designs, maybe a chevron pattern or just a custom asymmetrical design. We love doing all kinds of faux finishes.

Dining Room Wall Decor

You can go anywhere with art in your dining room, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

• Make sure the piece is large enough to fill up space on the wall and make an impact, but not so big that it takes over the space.

     • Consider whether you want to hang your art high or low on the wall.

     • If you have a tall ceiling consider hanging something up there as well.

     • If you’re looking for a statement piece of art try something like an oversized canvas painting or even just a large framed mirror!

     • Try adding some smaller items that can be hung above sideboards or on walls by windows for small kitchens. You could also use mirrors as a way of reflecting light into dark spaces and making them feel bigger than they actually are!

     • For a traditional look try something classic like an antique portrait or oil painting.

     • While you’re looking for something more modern dining room ideas consider a piece of abstract art or even some cool wall decals.

     • If you have kids, family photos are always a fun way to personalize your space without going overboard on decorating.

Dining Area Painting

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Your dining room is not just for eating. It’s often where you do the majority of your entertaining, so it’s important to infuse some personality into this room. As one of the premier painting contractors for the GTA, we’re happy to help you beautify your dining room. Call us now for a free quote at 416 494 9095 or email us at and we’ll soon transform your dining area into an extraordinary entertaining space. And don’t forget to follow us on all our social channels below as well!