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GreekTown on the Danforth Painting Contractors

Home Painters Toronto, is one of the best professional painting contractors in GreekTown on the Danforth.

GreekTown on the Danforth is the most cosmopolitan and vibrant neighbourhood in Toronto. The neighbourhood has the best Business Improvement area in Toronto. It stretches along the Danforth Avenue and includes all areas between the Dewhurst Boulevard and Chester Avenue.

The neighbourhood is also referred to as GreekTown or The Danforth, and is known for the Greek architecture that dates back to 1910s. It used to be one of the major settlement areas for the Greek immigrants and this is evident by the presence of Greek stores and numerous restaurants. In fact, the area is said to have the highest number of restaurants per kilometer in the whole world.

The Danforth Village Business Improvement Association with a membership of over 400 business people is one of the best BIA in Toronto. The association improves the attractiveness and the atmosphere of the business district as well as promoting it to prospective customers. Every business operating within the boundaries must become a member of the association.

The neighbourhood has maintained
the Greek heritage and architecture and new developments are not allowed to exceed four storeys. The homes range from modest to midsize semi detached to detached houses, townhouses and compact bungalow.

Home Painters Toronto, is one of the renowned and trusted painting contractor in the Greektown on the Danforth. Our expert services include restoring, repairing, remodelling and painting all types of buildings in the Danforth.  We have experience of the Greek and the modern architecture and therefore the best contractors to handle all the commercial or residential painting projects.

GreekTown on the Danforth Painting Services we provide for you:

Repairing and Painting your home


Home Painters Toronto carpenters check all the structural components of your house and ensure that all the broken or deteriorated parts are replaced. This will include wood rails on the staircase, the wood on the stair case, wooden trims and cabinet parts. We also check the ceiling and replace all the weak and broken parts. After all the repairs, we prepare the surfaces and fill all gaps and holes.

Our professional painting experts then apply the high quality paints ensuring that the different components such as wood trims, walls, and moldings come out sharp and beautifully. Our services make your house look fresh and great for several years. Apart from the interior painting, our other services include all exterior paintings covering all types of building.

Home Painters Toronto services

  • Apartment Painting
  • Business premises exterior paining
  • Painting commercial building
  • Staining decks
  • Decorative finishing,
  • Kitchen cabinet painting
  • Cabinet finishing,
  • Aluminum finishing,
  • Faux finishes,
  • Stucco and popcorn ceilings
  • Wallpaper removal,
  • Metallic Finishes,
  • Indoor Condo painting
  • Wallpaper installation,
  • Painting exterior and interior wood trim
  • Ceiling removal,
  • Carpentry,
  • Trash Removal services
  • Bungalow painting
  • Painting Townhouse
  • Painting Shop front

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in GreekTown on the Danforth:


Our painting services are available on all buildings along the Danforth Avenue between Dewhurst Boulevard and Chester Avenue. We also cover the buildings immediate to the Danforth Avenue, including at Lipton Avenue, Gertrude PL, Gough Avenue, Eaton Avenue, Lanford Avenue, Woodycrest Avenue, Chester Avenue, Arunel Avenue, Perrier Avenue, Fenwick Avenue and Lagan Avenue.

Home Painters Toronto is at your service whenever you have a painting project, be it an interior painting or exterior painting. Our experienced painting professionals will make your house look great and enjoyable. The exterior painting will also protect your investment against weather effects, in addition to making it look fresh and magnificent.

Our friendly and honest professionals will work closely with you at every stage and ensure that your needs are met. Our flexible scheduling and prior planning are such that we cause minimum interruptions to your other activities. The use of odorless, low VOC paints allows you to use the rooms comfortably without the fear smelling paint.

Our superior services in GreekTown and other areas have earned us an A+ Better Business Bureau in addition to having The Top Painting Contractors’ rating at the homestar.com website. Our excellent services are also backed by our compliance with the regulations and other requirements. Home Painters Toronto is a licensed and fully insured painting contractor.

Our 25 years experience gives us the confidence and experience required to handle any painting or home improvement project. As you plan to carry out any of the home improvement or business premises makeover, you can always count on us.

For more information or an appointment with one of our professionals, please call us at 416 494 9095 or send us an email to [email protected]

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