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What Does Exterior Painting Usually Cost in Toronto?

Exterior Painting Cost Estimate- When it comes to painting the exterior of your house before you pick up the paint brush, put on your painting clothes and drop down the tarp – don’t forget to consider the cost of exterior painting.


Considerations for Your House Exterior Painting



  • A project like painting your house
    often get’s developed from a great inspirational idea and the cost of painting your house exterior can get overlooked. You can count on spending approximately $2 – $4 per square foot for a close estimate of the cost of exterior painting. Usually this cost does factor in that you are hiring a licensed and (hopefully) insured exterior painting contractor in Toronto and the GTA.
  • Before hiring right away – the cost of painting the exterior of your house can vary from different painting contractors. You should have a checklist of all the qualifications that the Toronto painting contractor should have before you pick the right one. Things such as; a good track record and a high score of satisfied customers (you can often find testimonials on their website or other sites such as exterior painting Toronto section on HomeStars.com), an up to date license, and if they are bondable and insured professional painters. Always make sure that you hire carefully and get at least 3 other estimates before selecting the painting contractor of choice for any interior and exterior painting job.


How Will Exterior Painting Costs Add Up?

  • How-Will-Exterior-Painting-Costs-Add--UpWhen factoring the cost of painting the exterior of your house, you will need to consider the size of your house, which materials to use, the amount of prep work required, the particular season of the year and even the type and colour of paint!
  • If you select the highest quality paint and are painting the exterior of your house a lighter colour than what you had before– there will be more cost for the paint because extra applications of both primer and paint may be needed.
  • If you have a large Toronto house that has a steep roof or an intricate architectural exterior layout – it will be difficult to access and can take more time to complete. If you have many windows and trims and need them all taped off and covered, the prep work will also take longer.
  • Hiring a seemingly cheap painting contractor may not always cost you less in the long run. If your painting contractor is not insured with WSIB, then you will be liable for any accidents that may occur at your house. Also, if they do not have any Guarantee on their workmanship then they will be less interested in doing the job right, meaning you may have to repaint sooner and/or have a professional contractor come in to fix their mistakes. Costing you much more than what you thought you had save initially!


Exterior Painting Tips:

  • Discuss the possibility of doing the exterior painting prep work yourself. For details, see our blog: How to prep your house for exterior painting. In a lot of cases, the labour costs for exterior paint jobs contribute to the grand total the most. If you do these things you will usually end up saving a lot of money.


Exterior painting doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg – if you invest the time in finding the right painting contractor in the GTA and have carefully weighed out your options of just how much the exterior painting will cost, you can have it done within a reasonable budget! At Home Painters Toronto we will gladly help you save on a quality interior exterior painting of your home.

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