Exterior Brick House Painting Techniques – A brick house looks so beautiful and offers such strength and stability to the comfort of your home. But what if you decide to paint over your exterior brick? Painting a brick house requires a lot of patience, effort and accuracy. But don’t let those things stand in the way of accomplishing your goal! A Toronto brick house that has been freshly painted will last for years! Maintain it, keep it clean and it will last for as long as you like looking at the colour! Exterior Brick is durable and if you have the time for it, it’s very paintable!


How to Paint a Brick House

Materials That You Will Need to Paint A Brick House:

• Pressure Washer
• Bleach cleaning solution (bleach and water with optional dish detergent)
• Outdoor Scrub Brush
• Rags
• Drop Cloth/Tarp
• Latex Primer
• Acrylic Caulking
• Paint brush/Roller/Spray Gun (whichever you choose)
• Elastodynamics paint


1. Prep your Exterior Brick before Painting Over It!

-When painting the exterior 5brick siding of your home, you need to pressure wash the brick well and clear of dirt and debris, then use a bleach solution to scrub clean the brick of any remnants that is stuck to the brick, let the bleach solution sit for a half hour and then wash or wipe off.

-Covering your windows with newspaper or cardboard would be optimal but taping off with painters tape is still efficient. Depending on if you are using a paint gun or a regular roller/brush to paint your brick house’s exterior, decide if you want to cover up all windows and doors or tape around them. Lay down drop cloth or tarp to the ground beneath where you are working and make sure there aren’t any objects that you might trip over.

-Repair any cracks or issues with acrylic caulking. Let dry for a minimum of 4.5 hours.

2. Get Working

-Using a latex primer, prime the 4surface of the brick using a roller, brush or spray gun. A spray gun is easier to use on exterior brick so it is recommended if you know how to use it properly. Otherwise, a roller or a paint brush is just as efficient. Apply a few coats of primer to areas that need it and let dry.

Best Paint for Brick – An elastodynamics paint is a denser paint and will fill in holes and cracks a lot easier than most other exterior paint types. This paint is also known for repelling water so it is an extremely wise choice.

-Using a paint sprayer you should apply a coat of paint from one side to the other a lot faster than using a roller or a paint brush. If you use a roller or a paint brush, you need to layer up more paint on the brush to fill in the cracks evenly – but work carefully or you will get uneven results. When using a roller start from top to bottom, and use a paint brush where you see spots missed by the roller.

*Try not to use a paint brush alone when painting brick exterior ; you’ll work a lot harder than you need too.*

-Let dry for the time recommended 6on the can of paint you use. Some paints take longer than other to dry, so allow an additional half hour to be safe. You can then add a second coat of paint if necessary – and you’ll be finished paint the exterior brick of your house!


-Some good ideas of what colour of paint you should use for your brick house – try grabbing some paint samples at the local department store and comparing brick houses online.

Painting an exterior brick house is no doubt a bit of work – but once you accomplish this project you’ll feel like a superhero! Your super power is EXTERIOR BRICK PAINTING! Don’t worry if this just isn’t in the cards for you and you can’t invest the time in completing this project this season. Home Painters Toronto will be more than happy to do it for you! Give them a call and avoid tackling this yourself – Home Painters Toronto will get it done! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095…… For more handy tips, check out the blog How to Paint Your House with a Sprayer!

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