How To Paint A Wrought Iron Fence That Is Rusted

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Rusted Wrought Iron Fence Painting Tips- If you have a beautiful Wrought Iron Fence that has been dulled out by harsh weather, you can paint it! Revamp your home and yard by painting over a wrought iron fence even if it is rusted! A good coat of paint will minimize the look of rust and keep your fence as elegant as it can be! Read on to know how to prepare the metal surrounding surface and start painting your rusted wrought iron fence!

How to Paint your Wrought Iron Gates or Fence

Materials That You Will Need to Paint a Wrought Iron Fence

• Wire or Outdoor Scrubbing Brush OR
• Cordless Drill with a Wire Wheel Attachment (faster process)
• Drop Cloth/Tarp/Cardboard/Sheet
• Cleaning Solution (You can use Vinegar and Water 1:1 ratio and/or add some dish detergent) You can also use a bleach solution of bleach and water for tougher jobs.
• Bucket/Rags
• Dust Mask
• Sandpaper
• Rust Inhibiter Primer (Aerosol form is best)
• Exterior Paint (Aerosol form is best)
• Paint Brushes

1. preparing the rusted wrought iron fence for painting, how to paint rusted galvanized metal, painting rusted galvanized metal, paint for rusty galvanized steel

1. Preparing the Rusted Wrought Iron Fence for Painting

-Pick a nice day to start painting your Wrought Iron Fence because it makes for more tolerable circumstances and will speed up the drying time once you have painted.

-If you can remove the Wrought Iron Fence in pieces this will be especially handy so you can lay them down on the drop cloth, tarp, sheet or whatever you wish to use to protect the surrounding area(s) from paint splatters. If you cannot remove your Wrought Iron Fence in pieces then work around the area by placing cardboard or a tarp wherever needs protection.

-Start by scrubbing the Wrought Iron thoroughly. This means using a wire brush or cordless drill with wire wheel attachment to buff away any peeling paint, rust and other loose debris. Then sand it down to be sure the surface is smooth. Finish off by using your cleaning solution and wiping with a rag.

2. prime/paint your rusted wrought iron dence

2. Prime/Paint your Rusted Wrought Iron Fence

-Spray the Wrought Iron with a rust inhibitor aerosol primer and be careful of plants (and anything else nearby that doesn’t need a coat of paint). If you cannot get into all the divots of the Wrought Iron with the spray, you can use a paint brush and apply primer directly to the areas missed. Spray two coats of Primer and allow to dry overnight to one full day.
-Spray paint the Wrought Iron with a rust inhibitor aerosol exterior paint (colour of your choice). Spray painting allows for the quickest method and works great! Try to hold the spray paint about 5-10 inches away from the Wrought Iron and keep your hand moving to prevent dripping. Allow to dry overnight.


-Some primers and exterior paints may take less time to dry – check with the label to confirm drying time and use your best knowledge.
-Be sure to wear your dust mask as a health and safety precaution

Can you believe it? With just a few steps you have totally transformed your dull and damaged wrought iron fence into a completely marvelous looking one! Your home and yard will definitely benefit from this eye-catching fence and you’ll be feeling pretty great about yourself knowing that you learned how to do it by yourself! But, if for some reason you can’t find the time to go through these steps, but still want your railing painted – try calling Home Painters Toronto as one of the top rated painting contractors in Toronto and the GTA and we’ll repair and paint your rusted wrought iron fence for you! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095. If you would like to know how much this project might cost you, check out the blog Costs of Painting a Wrought Iron fence.

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