Parkdale is a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood located West of downtown Toronto. It is bounded by the Gardiner Expressway, Roncesvalles Avenue, Dufferin Street, Bloor Street West and the Canadian Pacific Railway line.

Queen Street West which runs across the neighbourhood serves as the main commercial street. It features 2 and 3-storey structures where the ground floors serve as shops and the upper floors as homes.

The area is home to many immigrants who normally find it attractive due to the availability of low-rent apartments and its proximity to the downtown core. There has also been an influx of artists and urbanites, which has increased the demand for homes and business premises in the neighbourhood.

Parkdale homes range from Victorian houses to high-rise apartment blocks. Recently, gentrification has started in some areas where new owners are renovating the old structures for either residential or commercial use. Modern structures, including condominiums and new commercial buildings, have been developed for housing, cafes, shops and art galleries. Some of the old houses that had been illegally turned into several rental rooms are being converted back to single-family dwellings as per the by-laws.

Home Painters Toronto is a Top Professional Painting Contractor in Parkdale

Looking for a painter for your home? Are you looking for house painting contractors near Parkdale? You may want to consider hiring Home Painters Toronto, the best professional home and commercial painting contractor in Toronto.


Home Painters Toronto is one of the leading painting contractors in Parkdale and has been at the forefront of transforming these structures. Our friendly painting professionals will renovate and beautify your building to make it attractive and inviting to your family members, visitors or tenants.

Is it worth getting a professional painter?

The question of whether or not to hire a professional painter is one that many homeowners have to answer. After all, it’s not cheap—but it’s worth it.

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional painter:

  • They’ll do a better job than you can (or want) to. A professional painter knows how to use the right tools, materials, and techniques for any job. They know what colours are popular right now, what colours work well together in a room, and how to keep your home looking its best. You may think you know all these things too—but trust us, you don’t.
  • They’ll save you time and money by doing it right the first time around. It’s much less expensive (and much less stressful) to hire someone who knows what they’re doing from start to finish than it is to have to redo something later because you didn’t do it right the first time around!
  • Professional painters are knowledgeable about everything. From health hazards involved with painting at home (like lead paint) to environmental issues like VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by some paints or solvents used by DIYers who don’t know what they’re doing).
  • They’re insured and bonded. This means that if something does go wrong, your professional painter will be able to cover the costs involved. You don’t have to worry about any liability issues on your end if someone gets hurt while painting at your home or business.
No Insurance

Parkdale Painting Services We Provide for You:

Renovating your home in Parkdale Area

Our expert renovation services are guaranteed to give life to your old rundown structure. We carry out all the required modifications and ensure that they match your earlier design. As we do this, we check the existing design for defects in the walls, ceilings, and floors. We repair all the defects and replace rotting or broken wood. Home Painters Toronto professionals will then repair broken or cracked concrete, corners and the floor. The next step involves preparation and priming before applying quality paint. After all is done, we clean up the work area and remove all debris.

Our home renovations can either be exterior or interior, but for consistency purposes, we recommend doing both at the same time. However, we cater to the requests of the client. In addition to renovations, our services cover all exterior and interior painting for all types of buildings.

Painter Exterior Carpentry
Painter Painting Exterior

Home Painters Toronto Professional Painting Services

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Business building interior painting
  • Apartment painting
  • Victorian building renovations
  • Condominium apartment painting
  • Kitchen cabinetry painting
  • Parkdale Restaurants Painting
  • Deck Staining
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Painting Lofts
  • Shop front painting
  • Rental Block painting
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Painting washrooms
  • Painting Interior wood trim
  • Carpentry
  • Drywall installation
Interior Painting Painters

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Parkdale:

Our professional renovation and painting services cover all types of buildings in the Parkdale area. Along Roncesvalles Avenue, Dufferin Street, Bloor Street West, The Canadian, Pacific Railway line, Queen Street West, King Street West and DundasDunda Street. Other areas include those along Jameson Avenue, Springhurs Avenue, Cowan Avenue, Close Avenue, Dowling Avenue, Dunn Avenue, Elm Groove Avenue, Wright Avenue, Pearson Avenue, Garden Avenue, Sorauren Avenue, Wabesh Avenue, Macdoness Avenue and Brock Avenue.

Home Painters Toronto- One of the Top Parkdale Professional House Painting Contractors

At Home Painters Toronto, we have all the required experience and expertise to carry out any renovation, remodelling and painting project regardless of size. Our superior services will revitalize your dull building into a fresh and admirable home or business.

Our choice of high-quality and environmentally friendly painting products guarantees you a fresh and beautiful painting that will last for several years. We have successfully carried out thousands of high-quality painting projects for our customers over our 35 years in the painting business. Our positive reviews from customers and industrial players are proof of our high-quality work.

Home Painters Toronto uses the best techniques, guaranteed to give your home or apartment blocks a superb finish. Whether you are painting your apartment building for new tenants, renovating your Victorian-style home, or updating your storefront, we will customize our superior services to suit your needs.

Interior Wall Painting Purple
Interior Wall Painting By Home Painters Toronto
White Interior Window Trim Colour Palette Neutral
White Interior Window Trim Colour Palette Gray

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