How To Fix Door Trim Chewed By A Dog


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How to Repair Door Damaged by Dog

Before we dive in and give you step-by-step instructions on how to fix trim chewed by dog, we want to address a few common questions that homeowners have.

The first question is…

Can you fix wood dog chewed?

The answer is yes! Although it may not be as pretty as it originally was when your dog started chewing on it, there are ways of repairing the damage caused by a puppy or adult dog chewing on wooden trim in your home.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to repair it yourself or need to hire a professional carpenter.

The second question is

How do you know if your trim is chewed by a dog?

Here are some signs:

  1. If your trim is chewed by a dog, it will have a series of holes or gouges in it. These marks are caused by the dog’s teeth as they chew on the wood. The marks can be small and subtle or large and obvious depending on how long your dog has been chewing on them and how big their teeth are.
  2. Chewed wood will also have a distinct smell to it. This is because dogs chew on wood as a way to relieve stress or anxiety.
  3. There will also be a lingering scent of dog or cat urine. This is especially true if you have a male dog that has been marking his territory. If you notice these signs in your trim, it’s time to take action!
  4. The final sign that your dog has been chewing on your trim is a mess! If you find piles of droppings, chewed or torn-up wood, and/or urine stains, your dog has been chewing on your trim.

Now, let’s go to the last and final question…

Chewed Trim

How To Fix Door Trim Chewed By A Dog?

Door Trim Repair DIY Checklist

Materials That You Will Need for How To Fix Door Trim Chewed By Dog:

• Sandpaper

• Putty Knife

• Drywall Joint Compound

• Epoxy Wood Filler

• Pull Scraper

• Paintbrush

• Wood Primer

• Paint

1. Sand the Door Trim Chewed By Dog

• This is where you want to get out your handy pull scraper. Pull scrapers are great because they are ergonomically designed for extra leverage. They also offer maximum scraping efficiency. You’ll definitely want to pick up one of these tools if your pup has chewed the trim in several rooms!

• With your pull scraper, scrape the surface of the wood to remove surface splinters.

• Then, using the sandpaper, sand the damage down by going with the grain of the wooden door trim. Also, try to sand smooth areas that cannot be filled in.

• It’s okay if you remove the finish with the sandpaper, as you can touch that up later.


2. Fill the Gashes on the Trim

• It’s important to fill in any gashes on the trim. In the end, this will ensure a smooth and more uniform look for your wood trim.

• Apply the joint drywall compound with the putty knife to fill in any gashes.

• A good one to use is Rapid Coat Compound. It goes on smooth and sands really easily.

• Wait for your compound to dry, then sand smooth.

• You can use an epoxy wood filler to repair the gouges as well.

• For this you can use something like LePage Wood Filler. You can pick out different tints as well to better match your wood trim.

• Then you can go in with your sandpaper and sand it until it’s smooth.

Repairing Door Trim

3. Prime and Paint the Wooden Door Trim

• Now is the fun part! Your trim will be looking just the same as your other wooden trim that hasn’t been affected by little puppy teeth.

• With your wood primer and paint you can paint over the repaired wooden door frame and have it looking like new in no time!

• For this we suggest checking out Benjamin Moore’s INSL-X’s Primer in Prime Lock. It’s fast drying and hides scuff marks over the years.

• It’s really important to choose the right trim paint or stain. After all, your wood trim sees a huge amount of traffic over the years. You want it to really withstand the test of time.

painter painting front door

Tips on How to Get Your Pet to Stop Chewing the Trim

Most of the time it really helps to get to the root of the problem of your dog finding things to chew around the house on a routine basis. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Does your dog have separation anxiety? If you notice that your pet is just chewing on things while you’re gone, you may want to take them to the vet to see if they suffer from real anxiety issues. They could be chewing items around the house to ease their inner stress.
  2. Use a taste deterrent. This one is really simple, if they keep going back to your trim or furniture, put something on there that will make it taste bad. A little lemon juice might do the trick.
  3. Give them more stimulation. Sometimes our pets are just bored and need more physical and mental stimulation. Take them for frequent walks to be sure they are getting enough exercise. Also, play games with them and make them work for rewards or treats.

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With these simple steps on how to fix door trim chewed by a pet, it will be hard to stay mad at your furry friend for a long. A good tip is to spray the repaired wooden door trim with vinegar once the paint has dried as it will be less appealing for pets to chew on. Because you can never predict what your dog, or any other furry additions to the family, will do keeping these handy steps close by could be very helpful in the future. If you would like Home Painters Toronto to help you out, give them a call TODAY! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or email us at Brian@HomePaintersToronto.comAnd don’t forget to follow us on all our social channels below as well!