Choosing A Colour Palette to Suit Your Business Interior

Make sure to choose the right colour palette!

Choosing A Colour Palette to Suit Your Business Interior

It’s all just paint, right? Not exactly. If you are in the process of choosing paint colours for your business space you might want to read this article. You’ll discover that the colour palette you pick could affect your staff as well as reflect on your business as a whole. The colour of your business can subliminally create an image that reflects on the productivity and purpose of your workspace. Below are some tips for choosing a colour palette to suit your business interior.

Paint Palette / Colour(s) Suggestions:


  • Picking the right colourOne of the most common colour choices is blue. The colour blue symbolizes confidence, security, honesty, loyalty, and conservatism.
  • The second most popular is green. The colour green is associated with money, growth, the environment, and calmness. A darker shade of green can be a symbol of prestige and high wealth.
  • “Power Colours” communicate confidence, control, and responsibility. These include: burgundy, dark green, and navy blue.
  • In order to counterbalance the strong message that navy blue projects you can combine it with an orange colour palette.
  • Turquoise is a colour that has been proven to stimulate creativity. If you are looking to paint the business interior of a marketing or advertising agency this may be a good paint colour for you and your employees.

Additional Tips to Pick a A Colour Palette:


  • paint colour choosingSomething to remember when choosing paint colours for a business interior is that the brighter the shade, the less serious the office will appear (depending on the type of business, of course). You’ll need to consider the demographic of who will be working in the office and the clients who will be visiting. You want your business interior to reflect a professional atmosphere.
  • If you are planning to paint a dental clinic or naturopath’s office, for example, choosing colours that reflect calmness and serenity would be the most beneficial. They include paint colours like blue, green, and sometimes yellow.
  • To create a productive environment for your business interior choose a colour palette that’s a combination of green and blue. Make sure to incorporate some warmer colours to offset the colour palette and create a less stressful work environment.
  • Office wall Paint coloursIf you paint the office with too much red, however, it may create mood changes and negative behaviour. On the other hand, too much orange or peach will result in a highly social environment that encourages talking. Those two colours would be great for a staff lounge but not necessarily where work will be done.
  • If you have a business interior where extensive note taking and training will be done, incorporate yellow into the colour palette of the room. This paint colour has been known to assist people in taking in and retaining more information.

It’s pretty amazing how much colour can affect the mind. Large corporations choose from very specific colour palettes which can be effective in making us remember their company logo. This strategy works great in an office as well! Whether you’re going to paint an advertising firm or a lawyer’s office, choosing a colour palette to suit your business interior is a key to success!

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