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3 Reasons You Should Paint Your Kitchen

3 Reasons You SHould Paint Your Kitchen3 Reasons You Should Paint Your Kitchen

Paint your kitchen walls – Given how much time most of us spend in the room, the real question is why even consider kitchen paint ideas ? After all, wouldn’t we be better off scanning colour decks for the perfect shade that will tie our living room or bedroom together? What many of us don’t realize is that kitchen is a room we should be in more often. That’s not merely because we should live to eat and not just eat to live, but because of how much it can improve our lives as a whole. We’re constantly hearing people say they should skip this room when painting their home interior, but we’ve compiled three fantastic reasons why you should paint your kitchen that should change the way you view it.

Great Kitchen Paint Colours Get You to Stick Around

If we’re honest with ourselves we can all admit that most of us probably don’t spend as much time in our kitchens as we should. After a hard day at work it’s so much easier to just pick something up on the way home, or even to just kick back and order in. Not only that, but for many people cooking is a hassle they just don’t want to put up with, unwilling to even spend 30 minutes putting something together. That’s where the perfect kitchen paint colour comes into play.

It should go without saying, but a beautiful room is a room we want to spend more time in. If you’ve invested the time and money into making your kitchen look the best that it can be then you’ll inevitably enjoy the space even more. In terms of how painting your kitchen can affect your life the facts are that cooking your own food is ultimately cheaper and healthier for you. Going the extra mile to ensure that the paint colours for your kitchen are welcoming and inviting is an easy step to making your life better.

Kitchen Wall Finish Ideas Can Make You Healthier

Kitchen wall finish painting ideasThis is a bold assertion, but one that can be backed up by scientific study. Before we get there, however, we should ask ourselves what our biggest goal is in terms of our personal health. My guess would be that most of our answers have to do with weight (or more accurately, weight loss). Healthy eating habits, as we touched on in the last section, are key, but there’s also something to be said about how much we eat. Depending on what paint is on your kitchen walls you could actually be tricking your mind into thinking it’s more or less hungry!

Research has shown that both reds and yellows as your kitchen wall colours can actually stimulate the appetite, meaning that these warmer kitchen paint colour ideas can actually have you reaching for that bag of chips you’ve been trying to avoid. Cooler colours like blues and greys, however, can actually work to curb your desire for food. Not only that, but those are two fantastic shades that can result in a classically beautiful kitchen. Fooling your subconscious doesn’t mean that you can throw your sense of interior design out the window, which leads me to my next point-

Bold Kitchen Paint Ideas Are Sure To Impress

kitchen paint ideas torontoThe truth is that it’s important to pay attention to, and paint your entire home. Your bedroom is the first thing you see at the beginning and end of every day, and your living room is where you entertain, but why limit your design sensibilities to those spaces alone? An event as unassuming as a potluck can have friends and family walking in and out of the kitchen, and a drab or unappealing kitchen paint colour does not reflect well on the homeowners.

While furniture in a living room can come and go the fixtures in your kitchen can stay the same for years at a time. Striking upon a chic, timeless paint colour for the kitchen and it’s a choice you won’t have to revisit in the near future. Our first point was all about getting you to spend more time in that room, but ideally you want the people who enter every space in your house to be impressed by what you’ve done with the place.

No home is complete without a kitchen, and such an important space deserves the perfect kitchen paint colours. It also deserves to be taken care of right, the first time around. That’s where Home Painters Toronto comes in! Our friendly and professional customer service are waiting by the phone for your call! Reach out to us at 647-494-5545 or send us an email at [email protected] for help with your kitchen painting project today!


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