Interior Painting Ideas for Living RoomsLiving Room Painting Ideas – The living room is the most important space of any home. Needless to say, that after the front door it is the living room that defines the home and says a lot about its owner. Whether it’s a space for frequent family gatherings or an entertainment set up for you, the living room’s color and the décor say a lot about the home and its residents. Here are some interior painting ideas for the living room that can give your home an appropriate identity.

Music lovers’ living room Painting Ideas

  • A personal favorite, this is a much youthful living room with musical energy flowing around the space.It makes the ideal space for a youthful and lively family that loves to sing, dance and celebrate together.
  • The paint color for music lovers’ living room depends on the kind of vibe you like to radiate in the space.
  • For fans of classical, the room’s base paint color can be a beige, with white trims and a mix of metallic and wooden décor. This brings out elegance in the living area and much comfort for an evening of a quite gathering.
  • For jazz fans, the living room color needs to be classy and spunky at the same time. A Rose red base with white trim or gold to turn it up a notch and bring in an old-school party to your living room.
  • For the lovers of rock, a dark space with comforting décor and enough lighting can set the stage right for an energy filled room. A light grey base with beige trims or alternatively a dark velvet blue with light grey or safari beige trim. Coupled with leather and wooden interior décor, this is the ideal living room for those ready to rock.

Interior Painting Ideas For Living Rooms Midblog PostPainting Ideas for Living Room for Rustic Country Fans

  • For those that are fond of the old world charm, this living room painting idea is the perfect setting to settle in to the old grandpa chair and enjoy a glass of good scotch by the fire-place.
  • The room has many rustic interior décor pieces and installations. Most of the furniture is wooden or wrought iron that has been distressed to look old.
  • The ideal wall color for rustic themed living rooms is a beige with a tint of green. This classic shade brings out the old-worldly vibe that the country living room is missing.
  • A dark red or magenta with wood trims or a plain white with wooden trims is also a great painting idea for living rooms with a rustic or old country theme.

Minimal Theme Living Room Painting Ideas

  • Minimal is a very post-modern theme. They need just a base color giving it a clean feel and enough to virtually expand the room.
  • The minimal living room usually has just one shade of color throughout the space, leaving the décor to fill in the void of other colors that go well with the base color.
  • The most popular paint color choice for minimal themed living rooms is white, light grey or teal. With white, bright red and gold décor, with grey, light pink and black décor and with the teal, beige or light green decor are the best choice for minimal themed living rooms.

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