Top Exterior Paint Colours For Your Home

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Your home is your biggest investment, so it is important for its upkeep to maintain the exterior paint colours. It will help your siding last longer, help you pay stay on top of potential issues, and will go a long way in upping the value of your home if you plan on selling.

Painting the exterior of your house is a big job and hard to redo once it has been done. That is why it’s important to take your time when choosing colours. The right colours can make you feel at home. The wrong colours can exile you from the neighbourhood!

Before You Choose Your exterior paint colours

how to paint exterior vinyl window trim on stucco house, one day painting exterior house painters in torontoYou need to ask yourself some questions before you go out and buy your exterior house paint. Take a look and assess the following:

  1. What does your neighbourhood look like? Is there a theme? Are you part of a home association that has specific painting rules and guidelines?
  2. Will painting your house that colour make it look out of place?
  3. How big is your home?
  4. What elements of your home are not changing? Think of your roof, driveway, walkway, any stonework, etc.
  5. Are you close to the road or set back? Is it open in the front or protected by a fence or tree line?

Remember that sunlight often brings out a paint’s true colour, so test out your colour choices before you paint your whole house.

Exterior Paint Colour Ideas for your house

how to paint aluminum siding and vinyl window trim house painters in torontoThere are many great ideas for painting the exterior of your house. The challenge is choosing the right colours. When you are painting the interior of your home, you are expressing your personality. The exterior is where people get their first impression. It can reflect your personality, but with such a large canvas to work with, you don’t want to go too crazy.

If you are struggling for ideas, you can draw inspiration from your neighbourhood. Sometimes the best ideas can come from homes on your street. It helps make the area look inviting and cohesive. You don’t have to copycat – you can explore with different shades so that you are not exactly the same. If you still want to have individuality, you can get creative with your door to make it stand out. It also turns your door into a way-finder for visitors!

Are you in a modern or traditional style home? Or do you live in a heritage house? Each style can be an inspiration on its own. Look at similar styles for ideas or explore paint brand colour suggestions. Most hardware stores will carry catalogues or paint flyers that come with ideas for modern and traditional homes. There are some major brands that carry historically accurate paint colours that you can use to reflect your home’s heritage through classic exterior paint colours.

When it comes to bold colours, it is best to keep them to doors or trim. You can try different colours that are bright and play off each other, while complimenting the rest of the exterior. Monochromatic works well, with a lighter shade for the trim and a darker shade that is bold and strong for your door.

If you have a lot of wood accents or detail, look for undertones that you can draw from to choose your colours. Warmer wood tones can really offset cooler tones like grey or blue, adding balance, texture and depth. If most of your home is wood siding, white trim and doors will always be a classic look. You can play with tints in the white to bring out subtle hues in your wood siding.

Your surrounding landscape can also help to inspire your choices. Earthy tones like browns, oranges, greens and blues will look amazing when contrasting with trees and green space.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Paint Colours

  • Rule of Three – one of the best formulas to follow is choosing three colours for your home. Generally, the dominate colour will be more subtle or neutral in tone, followed by an accent colour for your doors, and then a colour that contrasts with the dominate choice for the trim.
  • To have your home truly stand out, choose a dominate lighter colour. If you want your home to recede, choose a darker dominate colour.
  • If you have a large home, avoid choosing a dark paint for the dominate colour. It can be quite imposing and scary. On the flip side, if your home is small, choosing too light of a dominate colour can make your house almost disappear.

In the end, once you have chosen your exterior paint colours, look forward to a nice, freshly painted home that will welcome you when it is all done!

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