The cost of wallpaper removal is worth it, if you are faced with outdated or damaged paper that needs to go. Depending on the space, you might consider just painting over top of it, like in a small bathroom or closet.

wallpaper removal cost

Why You Should Remove Your Wallpaper

  1. It is not as popular as it used to be. You can go a long way in updating your space by removing it. This will not only give you a fresh change, but it will also go a long way in helping you sell your home if you are preparing to do so. Many potential buyers will balk at the idea of buying a home where they may have to do some renovating after they just moved in.
  2. Most is full of patterns that are colourful and busy. This can be overwhelming and ruin any balance or calm you want in your room. It can also be a nightmare for hanging pictures and artwork.
  3. If it is starting to peel, has tears, or chunks missing, your home will look worn. It also makes it look like you don’t maintain your home – even if you do! First impressions matter in this case.

The Cost of Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper is a big job, which is why it is optimal to hire professionals to come in and do it for you. It is time consuming, and if not done right, can cost you more afterwards in wall repairs.

There are wallpaper removal contractors and wallpaper removal companies that you can look into hiring. Some professional painting contractors will offer wallpaper removal services, which is beneficial if you are planning on hiring someone to paint afterwards.

It is hard to break it down and give an exact cost when it comes to removing wallpaper. Here are some factors that can affect the cost:

  1. Room size, or number of rooms
  2. Preparation for painting afterwards
  3. Regular charges like labour, supplies, etc.
  4. Higher ceilings or difficult areas
  5. Type and age of wallpaper
  6. Amount of preparation work installer did beforehand
  7. Your estimate should include:
  8. All equipment, supplies, and the disposal of the paper
  9. Cleaning adhesives from the walls
  10. Repairing damage to the wall
  11. Skim coating and sanding

Some professionals will do a test spot to determine how easy your paper will be to remove. This will help them provide you an estimate that is for time and materials, instead of a fixed rate, if it is going to be a challenge to remove.

Dry strip paper is easier to remove but leaves more glue behind. Plaster walls have a harder surface than drywall so is easier to work with. Drywall damages easily. In some cases, your contractor may suggest that it will be more cost effective for you to paint over the paper or replace the drywall.

Bottom line? Look to spend anywhere between $1.50-$3.00 per square foot, depending on the factors listed above. The average cost is $600-$1000, depending on the size of the room.

Cost of Wallpaper Removal DIY

You can totally remove wallpaper on your own, saving yourself some money on labour charges. Factor into your costs:

  1. Supplies (minimum $100-$150)
  2. Disposal of wallpaper
  3. Your time and energy (say good bye to some evenings and weekends)

Be prepared for it to take a minimum of 5 days to complete the job. You want to make sure that you are doing it properly, otherwise you will be spending more money to fix it. Plan on up to 3 days to strip the wallpaper, plus time to prepare the walls for painting, and then priming and painting a minimum of 2 coats.


If you plan on removing wallpaper by yourself, make sure that you really put in a lot of effort to remove all the adhesive afterwards. If you rush washing the walls and don’t ensure that you do a thorough job in removing the glue, it could impact how the paint adheres. It could cause it to bubble and even peel. A good primer can help to prevent this but can only do so much. Having your paint bubble and peel just after all the work you just did is not only frustrating, it will cost you more to fix it.

In the end, why do it yourself? The cost of wallpaper removal can vary and be an expense when hiring professionals, but it is worth it in the end when you sit down, relax, and enjoy your smooth and freshly painted walls.

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