How to Install Wainscoting

install Wainscoting

Install wainscoting to give your room an instant style boost. Wainscoting is often used to give a room an elevated personality. Depending on the type of panel, your space can instantly look more formal, or more casual. Generally it is added to the lower half of the wall and is either left white or painted in a contrasting colour to the paint on the top half of the wall.

Wainscoting dates back centuries and was first used to protect walls from water damage, jostled chairs and even spurs on boots. It’s a perfect and elegant chair guard for formal dining rooms. It can also add style to a living room, hallway or bedroom.

Types of Wainscoting

Choose between raised panel, flat panel an board and batten wainscoting. You may also find other styles and selections. When looking to install wainscoting, the type you choose can say a lot about your room. A raised or flat panel wainscoting can really dress up a formal space while board and batten can be perfect for a coastal, farmhouse, country chic or relaxed theme.

Instructions to Install Wainscoting

Select and Purchase Wainscoting For Your Room – visit your favourite home building store and select and purchase beadboard or wainscoting panels for your home.

Remove Baseboards & Outlet Covers – Before you install wainscoting you will want to remove your baseboards and outlet covers. If you are planning to reuse the baseboards you will want to be extra careful with this step. You may need to run a sharp knife in the paint between the baseboard and the wall. You can then use a pry bar to gently pull the baseboard from the wall.

Measure The Wainscoting And Mark The Wall – Measure the height of the wainscoting. Then mark a line on the wall for the top of the wainscoting. You will want to use a level and extend this line around the perimeter of the room.

Locate The Studs – Wainscoting is held in place by a cap rail and a baseboard nailed into the studs. You will need to locate the stud with a stud finder and mark at floor level and where the top of the wainscoting will be. Do this across the entirety of the area you are covering.

Install The Wainscoting – Start at a corner. You will take your first panel and nail it in place. Run a wavy line of construction adhesive to several panels. Slip the boards into place, side by side. You will leave a 1/16 inch space between visible edges to allow for expansion from weather. Be sure to align the top of each panel with your level line. Press the boards to the wall with some pressure.

Whenever the board is over a stud, nail it in place. Hide the nail in the groove along the bead if you can.

Install Cap Rail and Baseboard – You will use a #6 or #8 finishing nail for the cap rail. Miter inside and outside corners. You will use a #8 finishing nail for the baseboards. Countersink and fill in all nail holes.

Paint the Wainscoting if You Wish – If you’d like to paint the wainscoting, you will want to seal any gaps with caulking and then apply a coat or two of paint.

To install wainscoting, it’s a fairly easy project you can do in a day. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the style of your room beyond just a coat of paint, you may want to consider wainscoting. Panels and painted panels along the bottom half of the room can make a beautiful statement.

How to Install Wainscoting

Home Painters Toronto can install wainscoting for you. Our professional handyman services is the easiest way to get the job done. We can professionally install the panels so you know it is level, plumb and done right. Should you wish to even further elevate the look of your space, our professional painting crew can come in and paint the wainscoting too. Give us a call to discuss how we can help change the look of a room your entire home. We’d love to help.

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