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Can you paint exterior vinyl windows? 

There are so many questions that arise when you’re thinking about painting the exterior of your home. Particularly when it comes to the details. The doors, siding, soffits, eaves troughs and windows all require some consideration. When it comes to painting vinyl window trim, you’re probably curious if you can even paint those in the first place! We’re here to give you all the details that can help to answer this question.

Let’s dig right into all information you need to know about painting vinyl window trim!

Can you paint on vinyl? 

This is the big question that comes up in regards to vinyl siding and vinyl window trim — can you even paint on it? Luckily, with the right prep and paint, the answer is yes.

Most of the time when homeowners install vinyl trim, it means very little maintenance and longevity. Sometimes though, the paint does fade over time, especially if you’ve been in your home for many years. Painting details like the trim can also help to completely freshen the look of your home too for curb appeal. So, sometimes painting exterior vinyl window trim does come to the forefront of our minds.

It is a bit of a horse of a different colour when you’re thinking of painting vinyl vs. painting aluminum. The thing about painting vinyl is that when the colder months come along, it could peel and warp over time. So, a vinyl window trim is a very delicate matter, but, with the right materials, it can be done!


things to keep in mind about vinyl… 

There are some things to think about when it comes to vinyl, whether that be siding or exterior window trims. With aluminum siding, you definitely have a bit more freedom as you can paint it virtually any colour. When you have vinyl siding and vinyl window trim, you can paint it any colour, but it can sometimes warp with darker colours.

Vinyl often expands over the years, so you have to consider a type of paint that will work well with that. Latex or acrylic paint is the way to go because plain and simple, it’s just more durable. Plus, it will yield well to possible expanding and won’t crack or peel like an oil-based paint would.

can you paint window trim?

The answer to this question depends on what your exterior window trim is made of. Also, what it was painted with previously also makes a difference. You can paint window trim, but you want to be careful what type of paint you use, especially in regards to exterior vinyl window trim.

If you have vinyl siding on the exterior of your home, you’ll want to use a paint that is compatible with vinyl. Because vinyl expands so often, it’s important to use an acrylic or latex paint. Acrylic seems to be one of the most common paints used on exterior surfaces. Because of the durability and long lasting results – acrylic or latex paint is a good option for your window trims made of vinyl.

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top tips for vinyl window trim

Since vinyl can be such a delicate material to work with and paint on, it’s really of the utmost importance to prep the area well. Clean off all your exterior vinyl window trims of any dirt and debris. This will ensure that the primer will adhere to the trim properly.

Speaking of primer, an expert recommendation we can make is to use the Extreme Bond Primer from Sherwin Williams. And for finishing coats, our recommendation is the Regal Exterior Low Luster or the Duration Exterior Matte Finish from Sherwin Williams.

It’s all about quality and durability when it comes to picking the right products to paint your exterior vinyl window trim. With all of our top tips, we’re sure that you’ll be able to choose wisely!

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Now that you have weighed out your options and discovered if you can paint exterior vinyl window trim, your choices are narrowed down and it will be a much less stressful decision! We’ll leave it to you to pick the colour though. If you need a little extra inspiration, feel free to visit our Pinterest page too!

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