how long does pressure treated wood last and does pressure treated wood rot

how long does pressure treated wood last? 

There are quite a few benefits to using pressure treated wood in your deck, fence or patio. When exposed to the elements, especially over a number of years, wood can begin to rot or even be eaten by certain insects. The big question on a lot of people’s minds before deciding on the wood for your exterior projects — how long does pressure treated wood last? Also, a lot of people will wonder does pressure treated wood rot? These are big questions, especially if you’re looking to put in a new deck or fence.

We have got you covered as far as all of your concerns around this type of lumber. Let’s dig into all of the details involved in answering this very important question that’s on your mind!

what is pressure treated wood?

This type of lumber goes through a process that uses high pressure to impact a solution of usually water and preservative agents deep within the wood. This process is all about helping to extend the lumber’s lifespan. If your wood is pressure treated, it’s likely to hold up better against moisture and natural decay. It also helps to fight against termites and fungus as well.

The active ingredients that you’re likely to find in this type of lumber is usually a combination of various alkaline coppers. You’ll find pressure treated wood in items such as decks, fences, pergolas and handrails. You’ll even find it used for docks, walkways, sheds and various wood furniture. Now, let’s think about how long does it last as well as does pressure treated wood rot.

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Can you paint or stain it?

One might think that treated lumber might not withstand paint or stain. The thing is though, you can absolutely paint or stain pressure treated wood! In fact, it’s wholly encouraged. If you want your deck or fence to really withstand the test of time, it’s usually going to need to be maintained on an annual basis. And that includes staining it!

You’re going to want to maintain the sealant for moisture repellent purposes. It’s also a good idea to give your deck or fencing a good washing with a high intensity washer as well. And if you find that your deck needs re-staining or a new paint job, that’s a necessity too.

how long does pressure treated wood last? 

Wood is an excellent and beautiful renewable resource. However, once it’s exposed to the elements, there is going to be decay and deterioration. If you go with wood that is pressure treated though, you are likely going to see an extended life for your lumber.

So, really — how long does treated lumber last? It really does depend on where you live and the climate and the general upkeep. Most PT wood manufacturers guarantee anywhere from 25 – 40 years. So, if you’re thinking about does pressure treated wood rot, that’s a very long time and is worth the investment. Especially if you plan on living in your home long term!


Other things to consider…

One thing that you maybe didn’t know about pressure treated wood is that it usually comes from the manufacturer damp or wet. If you’re staining it for the first time, you’ll want to ensure that it’s dry enough to accept the coating. A good tip is to sprinkle a little bit of water onto the lumber for your deck or fence. May the droplets absorb, it is ready to be stained.

If you need to repair your lumber, there’s no harm in going that route as well. If it’s a fence, check out your posts first. For wobbly posts, be sure the concrete base is still in good shape. From there, just be sure to get the wood measurements right. If you’re thinking about does pressure treated wood rot and replacing wood pieces, you can add in new features anytime. Once you have your rotted wood pieces nailed down, be sure to paint or stain it in the same colour!

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