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A Renovation Moment With Holly Baker

Sometimes those designer genes are there right from the beginning! Or such was the case for Holly Baker. Home Painters Toronto wanted to take the time to talk to Holly since renovation can be another huge part of the design process. Holly Baker lives for renovation, real estate and design. She recently bought a bungalow in Edmonton from the 1930’s. You can follow her renovation and design journey on her Instagram: Lacasabaker. Holly Baker has been spending her time renovating and styling every room to fit her family’s design aesthetic.

holly baker instagram

At Home Painters Toronto, we’re interested and inspired by what designed obsessed individuals are doing all over this beautiful country. Let’s dig into our conversation with Holly Baker!

holly baker’s career in tv renovation

So, when exactly did Holly Baker realize that she had a true love of design and renovation? Way back when she was six or seven years old! Even as a young child, she used to “obsess over blue prints” and “sketch places where she would put in furniture”. Holly Baker knew way back then that it was a lifelong love of hers.

And even though she studied business in college, she ended up getting a job working on a home renovation show for HGTV. And that led to her work on A&E’s Vacation Rental Potential, which she calls her “dream job”. Holly Baker has vast experience in both flipping houses and renovation, so it was the “perfect marriage” of two things she loves the most!

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Holly Baker’s home restoration & renovation

Holly has been flipping houses for well over 10 years now, but it was always done as a business venture. Prior, her family was finding that their 2,400 sq. foot house was just too big for them and they did too much cleaning. They just wanted to spend more time together. It was totally on a whim that Holly Baker and her family found a bungalow in Edmonton from the 1930’s. She just happened to turn her head at the exact right moment! Talk about fate.

Holly Baker has always been passionate about restoring and saving older homes. She loves to feature the “original characteristics” while at the same time helping “the guts” of the house become beautiful again. She has been sharing all of the renovation ups and downs on her Instagram. Be sure to check out Holly Baker’s Instagram to see all of her charming home related posts!

her favorite design project so far…

Holly Baker is someone who finds aspects that she loves in every renovation and design project she takes on. She has named her dining room as her favorite room to renovate thus far. She names it as such because it’s the room that had the most original features. Holly Baker finds something “really magical about the different stories that have passed through a home”. She really appreciates the “little quirks that you can’t replicate” in a newer home.

She’s also a big fan of the natural light that comes in through her dining room. And even though it has been her favorite room to design, it was also the room that required the least amount of work. Which actually offered up more challenges! Holly still wanted to tie it into the rest of the home though. They took the chance of painting the windows black, which she recalls was a “pain staking job” but so worth it in the end.

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what does paint mean to holly baker? 

Of course, Home Painters Toronto has to inquire about what paint means to Holly Baker. With a designer eye that’s used to coming into a space that needs some love again, Holly Baker really appreciates what paint can do. She attributes that “paint is the canvas” and without a fresh canvas, you might find yourself unsure of where to start.

Paint is almost always where Holly Baker begins with her renovations and designs. She considers it the ideal “jumping off point” as “fresh paint can work miracles”. Holly loves to bring in unexpected pops of colour, like terracotta or even pink. She doesn’t often focus too much on trends, but looks for spaces to feel open and bright.

Holly Baker really appreciates that paint is also something that can be changed at any time. And in the end, paint can be really transformative into how you want your room to look and make you feel.

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Photos taken from Instagram and HollyBaker.ca

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