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Caulking windows properly not only helps to give them a completely finished look, but it also helps to seal out any drafts and leaks. It seems like a small task, but it’s really imperative to caulk windows correctly. You’ll notice down the line when you’re looking to sell your home that having all of these crucial details and finishing touches truly makes a difference.

So, that’s exactly why we’re here to give you the ultimate guide to caulking windows. There are all sorts of little tried and true tips to help you along the way. So, let’s dig into caulking windows the right way!


Caulking windows: Checking for leaks

There are a few ways you’re going to want to check for leaks prior to caulking windows. You’re always going to want to examine the window’s corners and window frames. Take a look at the existing caulking and weather stripping. Look for any noticeable gaps or leaks along these surfaces.

You can also check for cracks in the window panes as well. Another little trick is to try and give your windows a firm little shake. If you see that they rattle, it can be a sign that the frames are not secure with caulking. Also, do you see daylight coming in through the window frame along the seam? It’s likely time to do some window caulking.


How to caulk windows: Choosing the right type of caulking

When you head to your local hardware store looking for tools for caulking windows, you’re going to want to pick the right type of caulking. It’s important to choose the right type of caulking depending on where it’s going and what surface you’re looking to seal. For this, we’re discussing window caulking in particular, but you could be caulking the exterior of the window frame or the interior.


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For exterior window caulking, you want caulking that will really stand up to the elements and block out water, harsh temperatures and UV rays as well. LePage Quad Exterior Sealant is a great example of a sealant to use for exterior window caulking. If you’re caulking interior windows, you’re going to want a sealant that’s non-toxic and paintable, so an Acrylic Latex Silicone Caulk works best.

Hot tip for choosing the right caulking: be sure to look at colour too! As there is a plethora (white, black, etc.) for caulking windows and you don’t want your sealant to stick out like a sore thumb!


Caulking windows: Get rid of old caulking


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Before you get right in there with your window caulking or sealant, it’s required that you first get rid of old caulking. After all, it’s not properly doing its job, right? It’s pulling away and causing air to get in, so you want to get it out of there. If you do new window caulking over an existing sealant, the new stuff is simply going to do the same thing.

To get rid of old sealant for caulking windows, simply scrape off the caulking with a steel putty knife. Be extra careful here and use a firm and steady hand because you don’t want to do any damage to your windows. If you’re super worried about this part, you could always consult a professional for their window caulking expertise.


Some practical tips for caulking windows

If you’re doing the window caulking yourself, it’s always best to use a caulking gun with a thumb release. This will allow for the pressure on the caulking to stop flowing when you’re done running a bead. Also, it’s always best to use both hands, one using the thumb release gauge and the other on the body of the caulking device. It will ensure the sizing of the bead stays the same and remains steady.


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Also, another good tip for caulking windows is to try not to go from end to end. Your thumb on the release is likely to get tired along the way. So, it’s best to caulk from one end to the middle portion then stop and start from the opposite side and meet in the middle as well. When you’re done with your window caulking, you’re going to want to smooth the bead. You can use an applicator or even your wet finger. But to prevent any messy mistakes, just smooth small sections (about six inches) at a time.

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