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Wood rot treatment can cause your home to fall apart. It can have adverse effects if not dealt with immediately. There are many prevention methods to explore that can fix the wood rotting. Naturally, wood rot is a decomposition process that turns damaged logs into nutritious soil. Discovering this process in your home can be a very alarming issue. This is because wood rotting can lead to multiple structural damages. Also, it can worsen support beams, roof decking, rotted floor, and much more.  The cost of repairing such damage can be tens of thousands of dollars or other words: a very expensive process. As you can imagine, wood is an important building material. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to understand wood rot treatment, which areas of the home it affects, and what you can do to prevent it.

Don’t forget to listen to your gut if you think you can’t quite handle wood rot treatment yourself. This might be a job for house painters and repair experts instead.

The Cause of Wood rot 

Wood rot decays when combined with moisture and fungi. When the wood is damp, that is when the fungi develops. Fungi exists in soil and the air around us and there are five million types of them. Hence, it is pretty difficult to escape it. In addition, there are many types of fungi, such as mushrooms and yeast that are helpful. The other types are quite destructive. There are three main types of fungi that trigger wood rotting.

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Three types of fungi that trigger wood rot

1.White Rot: If the wood is a yellowish or whitish colour, or feels likes a sponge, it is considered white rot. White rot happens when the temperature is 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.Brown Rot: The surface on the wood is dry (called “dry rot” sometimes) and targets cellulose in the wood structure. The cellulose is destroyed, the wood shrinks and turns brown in colour. When brown rot exposes in temperatures ranging from 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to grow and starts spreading rapidly.

3.Soft Rot: This rot fungi decomposes wood at a much slower rate than brown-rot and white-rot fungi. Soft rot flourishes in too hot and too cold temperatures ranging from 0 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, this type of fungi breaks down cellulose and leaves the wood with a honeycomb appearance. Although it does not usually appear in homes and mostly in trees or fallen logs, if the conditions are right, it could affect your home.

Areas of home wood rotting affects, pressure treated wood rot, wood siding repair, how long does wood last, how to repair rotted wood siding, how often should you refinish hardwood floors

Areas of the home wood rotting affects

Exterior Doors: Any area that allows water to come into your home is a main spot for wood rot. This includes any gaps or cracks between a door and its siding. The rot is usually located when a homeowner installs a new door to replace an old door frame.

Outdoor Decks: While some decking boards are water-resistant, they are not fully waterproof. This means that overtime, the wood can rot. Water can become trapped under painted balusters.  Also, when the water doesn’t dry, fungi most likely will grow.

Wet Rooms: Rooms with plumbing or a water heater, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, have a high risk of wood rotting. This is because leaking can occur and that provides an opportunity for wood rot to flourish.

Damaged Roofing: Missing shingles can allow for water to enter and overtime can lead to wood rotting in the roof.

Windows: Windows in today’s age are meant to prevent leaks, but it only takes a tiny gap for all that to go out the window (pun intended). Rain can then easily ooze through and cause the wood to saturate. The wood not being exposed to sunlight or air is a problem because the wood is damp. Therefore, fungi grows and causes great risks to your home.

Basements: This is an area of the house that welcomes high humidity levels and moisture. Also, the concrete walls have moist soil, hence the moisture that  develops. With the high humidity levels, water vapor can become prevalent on the wall surfaces and ceiling. This is not good. With wood rot into the mix, it can potentially go unnoticed, causing structural damage.

Checking your home for wood rot should be a yearly occurrence. A great time to do it would be during your pre-winter weatherproofing tasks. You will need to use a flashlight and a long-handle screwdriver.

How to find wood rot?

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  • Inspect your walls floors beneath the sink, and the surrounding area of your tub and shower for wood rotting. If you see any mold, the wood floor plates behind the wall are at risk for wood rot. If you want to know for sure because it’s important, you would have to remove the wallboard and check the wood behind it.
  • Using your flashlight, check the basement/attic for discolored wood. If this occurs, use your screwdriver to see if the wood has softened. The prime spots for wood rot would be the underside of the roof decking and where the wood connects at the top of the roof.
  • If your home contains wood siding, examine the siding beneath the windows for signs of discoloration and swelling. Paint can easily hide wood rotting, so use the tip of the screwdriver to poke the siding of the wood. If the wood is solidified, there is no wood rot. In contrast, if the wood has softened, you unfortunately are looking at a wood rot complication.

Preventing future problems of wood rotting

Prevention is the most important thing when it comes to wood rot treatment. Preventing wood rot will not cost you a single penny. Having to fix it though, is lots of money. Below are things you should consider to help keep your wood and home away from fungi.

  • Clean your gutters regularly, preferably twice a year.
  • Protect all cracks and gaps around all windows and exterior doors using caulk.
  • Invest in a good dehumidifier for your basement or any room that causes high humidity.
  • If paint is cracking or peeling, repaint exterior windows.
  • If stagnant water from the deck is visible, sweep it as soon as the rain stops.
  • To keep rain away from the doors, add a covered entryway.
  • Exhaust fans in bathrooms are pivotal in order to remove steamy air from hot showers

Once you consider these preventions, wood rot treatment will be kept away from your household and from high risk areas. It is also important to note that if wood rot is visible, try to deal with it immediately, as it can have serious effects in your home. Remember, prevention won’t cost you a thing!

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