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Window caulking is a great way to seal any cracks between your wall and windows.

Small cracks appear because of inclement weather or when your house is settling. Toronto homes are older, therefore they need maintenance yearly. If not properly maintained, the cracks will start off small, but will eventually get bigger. This is why you should seal your windows with caulk to prevent water from penetrating into the walls inside your home. It can cause flooding, mold and moisture build-up. All this to say that window caulking is very important for the overall appearance of your home!

Professional caulking on windows and doors

How to Caulk

Window caulking is applied around doors and windows, but you can use it to finish and seal other parts of your home’s exterior. This includes aluminum siding, trim and vinyl siding, concrete slabs, roof flashing, and many more. Anything that affects the weather, you use caulk. There are lots of different brands of caulking to choose from. Nonetheless, you will purchase caulk based on your budget and the circumstances you are currently dealing with.

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Window Caulking

For exterior window caulking, you want to get the elements that best block out water and harsh temperatures. If you’re caulking interior windows, you should purchase a sealant that’s non-toxic and paintable, like an acrylic latex silicone caulk. How do you know what’s the right caulk? Look at the colour! There are many colours for caulking windows and you don’t want your sealant to stick out. Before you begin window caulking, you should get rid of old caulking first.

This is because the old caulk is causing air to get inside, so you want to completely remove it. If you do a new window caulking over a sealant that’s already there, the new caulk will be doing the same thing as the prior one. To get rid of the old caulk, scrape it with a steel putty knife. To avoid damaging your windows, keep a steady hand and remain calm throughout the process. If you are unable to remain calm, you can receive help from exterior painters.

Tips for window caulking, window caulking, how to caulk, caulking windows, exterior window caulking

Tips for Window Caulking

• If you are doing window caulking yourself, you should use a caulking gun with a thumb release. Also, it is best to always use both hands, one using the thumb release and the other on the body of the caulking device.

• This will ensure that the sizing of the bead is the same and steady. Another good tip for window caulking is not going end to end. This is because your thumb on the release will get tired. So, you should caulk from one end to the middle, then stop to take a break.

• Once your break is over, you can start from the opposite side and meet in the middle. Once completely done with window caulking, you should smooth the bead. You can apply this using an applicator or a wet finger, but to avoid mistakes, smooth small sections (six inches) at a time.

3 Expert tips for window caulking, window caulking, how to caulk, caulking windows, exterior window caulking

Check for Leaks

You should check for any leaks prior to window caulking. Examine the corners of your windows and the frames. Also look at the prior caulking and weather stripping. If you notice any gaps or leaks, then you have done a good job inspecting. You can even check for cracks in the window panes. A little trick is to give your windows a little shake. If it rattles, that means that your frames are not secure with caulking. Lastly, if you see daylight coming through the window frame along the seam, that is another way to know that you need to do some window caulking.

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